[ART] Raptor War

Artemisia! Raptor War is Returning once again! This time its bigger and better than ever.

We've got something for everyone! Heavy Fighting! Rapier! Archery! Equestrian! Thrown Weapons! Raptor Ball! Bardic! And More!

Bring your kids, pets, and grandparents for a weekend full of fun and excitement!

Because of the presence of horses on site, pets are allowed on a leash. Please bring stuff to clean up after your pet.

There is no indigenous potable water, only horse water; however, we have arranged for a 300 gallon water tank to be on site. Please bring your own water for your encampment.

There will be porta-potties on site as well as a dumpster so we won't have to pack-in/pack-out.

Area fire restrictions will apply. At this time, above ground fires are okay!