[ATE] Knight Light Tourney

Come and join as, one and all, as we raise funds to keep the lights on for our Tuesday night practice. We will be auctioning fighters of every kind, heavy combat, rapier and youth, with prizes available for the winners and their sponsor.

The tournament formats will be determined by the number of participants, but it will include weapon of choice, so bring out your favorites. Hot dogs and burgers will be available for a small donation. The festivities will be staring at 6pm instead of the usual 7pm so we can fit everything in.

Donations of prizes and side dishes or desserts to round out the table will be gladly accepted, as well assistance in setting up, tearing down, and manning the grills. Please contact the autocrat, Lady Norah, if you would like to help.

Knight Light Tourney will take place at Tuesday night fighter practice in Tucson, which is held at the SW corner of Reid Park, 22nd and Country Club, west of the Cancer Memorial. No glass containers allowed in the park, and dogs must be on leashes. Parents, please be advised that the playground equipment is not lit at night and youth activities are not planned.

Autocrat: Lady Norah Tenpenny sillylala@gmail.com

Directions: Take your best route to 22nd, east of Country Club. Enter Reid Park from 22nd St. at the Cancer Memorial, turn left into the parking lot and proceed past the playground to the area near the restrooms.