[DRA] Algarada en la Frontera

After a long and prosperous time of peace and solace, the shadows of war roll again over our borders. Workers: sharpen your tools! Warriors: ready your weapons! Everyone is called to arms in order to defend our shire from the booty-thirst looters! Once the shire is secured, we will pay them back!

In other words, Alcazar de Brioga is organizing a new edition of “Algarada en la Frontera”. The date will be October 28 - 30 2011.

The event will take place in a small village 8 Km away from the fortified city of Avila, Spain  (A visit to its walls is strongly recommended). We are renting a large country house for some 34 people, surrounded by a natural environment. The house has a great hall with an exquisite fireplace for feasting, plus an indoor swimming pool (we are not certain whether we’ll be able to use it in autumn or not).

All attendants are to embrace one of the traditional antagonistic factions in Alcazar: “Escaqueados” and “Pirados”. Both factions will fight each other for booty in a series of trials; mixing armoured combat and ability contests. Fighters and non-fighters will have to cooperate to win.

 When you are not in combat or competing, time can be devoted to social activities such as chatting, finishing pending works, sharing information, showing books, etc… We are also trying to set up a small class or lecture on braiding, calligraphy or illumination.

As for meals, two options are offered: One can either bring and cook their own food.  The site is equipped with BBQ’s and a standard kitchen.  Alternatively, form a co-op with other members and prepare your meals as part of a team. The co-op would share expenses and duties, and we will try to have some local specialities (roasted beef or pork) cooked by a nearby restaurant for lunch. Any surplus of the event lodgement funds will provide breakfast for all.

There are 5 double rooms at a fixed cost of 65 euro per person for the entire event. The rest of the lodgements are bunk beds in common rooms. We estimate the price of the latter to range between 20 and 40 euro per person for the entire event, but it depends on the number of people coming. (This doesn’t include the cost of the meals for those who don’t bring their own food). 

Please let us know your likelihood of attending the event choosing one of the options below:

Also let us know the kind of lodgement you would prefer to take (bunk bed or double room).   There won’t be double rooms for all, so they will be allocated in a “first to pay first to take it” basis later on.
We would be grateful if you could RSVP before July 20th.  

Feel free to tell your friends about this event.   They are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Alvar de Castilforte & Martin Bermexo fenix2627@hotmail.com / bremexo@gmail.com