Pennsic shower in a pavillion for sale

For sale at Pennsic 40, one 10 year old camp shower in a pavillion.  Hot water heater not included.  Shower is a free standing modern fiberglass unit from loews with a glass door and Pavillion is a Tentsmiths officer's marquis with two original doors, a roof vent, green romanesque trim and green poles.  Pavillion has been modified to add a 3rd door.  Shower stall is plumbed to attach a hot water hose and a second cold water hose to it.  Shower is attached to a pallet and the drain attaches via fernco fitting (included) to a pipe between the top and bottom of the pallet.  The tent alone cost 1300 10 years ago.  Initial bids start at $500.00  Contact Shauna of Shauna's Camp w11.