TE Septentria Percival & Christiana's Memory Book

THL Asa Gormsdottir requests those with memories and comments of the Baronial reign of Percival and Christiana of Septentria please sign their memory book.

Her Ladyship writes:

At The War of the Trillium this past weekend, Their Excellencies of Septentria Percival and Christiana announced that in April 2012 they will step down from the High Seats.

TE Septentria have requested a very special parting gift from the People: YOUR honest words, memories and comments, good, bad, no-sh!t-there-I-was stories and everything in between.

You can leave your comments in a number of ways:

*    On Facebook, at "TE Septentria Percival & Christiana's Memory Book"
*    To me, via email at evedave1 at rogers dot com
*    Or in person at various events where I will be happy to transcribe your comments

Your words will be calligraphied, illuminated and bound in a beautiful book to present to Their Excellencies next April at their stepping-down ceremony.

I encourage you to share this endeavour with all Septentrians and Friends of Septentria throughout Ealdormere and the Knowne World.

Thank you!

THL Asa Gormsdottir evedave1@rogers.com