[OUT] Pageantry in the Park II: Doing Pennons

Pageantry in the Park will take all the best attributes of the romantic "High Middle Ages"; heraldic display, period clothing and accouterments, and chivalric comportment, and combine them with the fun of a simple "picnic in the park".

Please bring your sunshades, banners, pennons, standards and all manner of heraldic display!

There will be no fighting at this event; all fighters are encouraged to bring their Helmets for display. If there is interest, we will have a "Most Decadent Feast" contest and a "Best Heraldic Display contest. AND, in good Caerthen tradition, we will be playing lawn games including BOCCE BALL! There will be no specific children's events; children are encouraged to participate in all activities WITH their parents.

With the emphasis on keeping as much of a medieval atmosphere as possible, all efforts will be made to "hide the mundane". Please keep soda cans, Tupperware, Subway wrappers, KFC boxes and all other mundanities hidden!

To allow all members of the populace to enjoy a day of fun and give you the opportunity to support local charities, there will be NO Site fee for this event.  That's right, folks...Pageantry in the Park is FREE!!!!! 

Instead, in the tradition of benevolence and service, we will be collecting non-perishable food items for the Food Bank of the Rockies and dog and cat food and supplies for Creative Acres, a no-kill, free-roam animal shelter in Brighton.  The need for donations is greater now than ever; please do what those in the SCA do best, and give abundantly. Remember that charity is one of the Knightly Virtues. ALL cash donations will be split evenly between the two groups. NO CHECKS ACCEPTED! Please see the list at the end of this post for needed items. If you can bring something to donate, PLEASE DO.  If you cannot, come anyway!!!!!

We will also be having a "Newcomer Symposium", which will be a round-table discussion on SCA basics, is the SCA right for you and your family, what you need to get started vs what you want, and (if we have time) a short class on courtly graces.  This symposium is not limited to newcomers...everyone please come and give us your thoughts and ideas!!!

Since this is a city park, the site is absolutely DRY and no weapons are allowed! The stone pavilion picnic area is reserved all day for those who choose to make use of it. Privies are also located on site.

When: July 16, 2011, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Where: Faversham Park, 6109 West 73rd Avenue Westminster, CO (one block north of 72nd Ave off Ingalls)

Event Steward: Katelin de Irlande ladyfaire @ ymail . com


From the East: - Make your way to the intersection of Sheridan Blvd and 72nd Ave. Turn West (toward the Mountains). Travel 0.6 miles west to Ingalls St. Turn right. Go to the top of the hill, the park will be in front of you.

From the West: - Make your way to the intersection of Wadsworth Blvd and 72nd Ave. Turn East (away from the Mountains). Travel 0.9 miles east to Ingalls St. Turn Left. Go to the top of the hill, the park will be in front of you.

****Creative Acres: Iams & Science Diet products, leashes and collars, compressed rawhide, toys, new bowls, scoopable cat litter, litter boxes, scratch pads, cat treats.

Food Bank of the Rockies: Non-perishable food items, such as Tuna, ham, beef stew, chili, baked beans, fruit, vegetables, peanut butter, jelly, soup and pasta. Non-glass containers are preferred. Baby food in glass jars cannot be distributed.****