College of Heralds Bans Antarctic Newsletter

The Quarter: In an effort, noble but probably doomed to failure, to protect the moral fibre of the SCA, the College of Heralds has banned "The Quarter". Too bad, because the parody newsletter's latest issue has just been allowed to escape its cage. The College of Arms Letter of Acceptance and Rejection (LoAR) for March 31 contains the following edict:

From Laurel: No Quarter

In the spirit of the day after the nominal print date of this cover letter, we should issue a warning about The Quarter, It is an SCA newsletter completely devoted to humor and satire. Those incautious enough to read it while drinking may hurt their nasal passages and their keyboards, and anyone else may be driven to drink. This newsletter takes especial pleasure in poking fun at heralds and revealing our secrets. Laurel and Laurel staff have even been deceived by their irony.

Therefore, we are putting into Administrative Handbook Appendix X, "Index Librorum Prohibitorum" ("Index of Prohibited Books"). All heralds are formally enjoined from reading it without prior written permission from Laurel. Laurel expects this injunction to be observed as rigorously as the last time Laurel "formally enjoined" something in Trimaris (LoAR of December 1992).

Alas, the house elves in Antarctica have defied the ban, and have published their next issue anyway. If you are a Herald, don't click on the headline above to go read "The Quarter." Everyone else, please feel free to do so.

A public service message from the staff of, published in the interest of safeguarding the virtue of SCAdians everywhere.