Pennsic Warriors of History Tournament August 12, 2011

Wulfgaar Silverbraid reports that the 6th annual Warriors of History Tournament will take place at August 12, 2011 at Pennsic XL. The Tournament is hosted by the Cataphracts and Chivalry of Duchy Von Drachenklaue.

Event:  An unbelted tournament for kits that meet thestandards of the Fedoratii of the VDK: Order of the Cataphract to encourage and inspire excellence of kit on the field.

When/Where:Wednesday Aug.12th, 11AM-2PM, on the Battlefield in frontof the Marshall’s Tent.

This year’s weapon choice:  TWO WEAPON!  No shields of any kind. If your persona would have access to them, you can use them. Knives, hatchets, hammers as well as swords are all allowable. These do NOT have to be a matched set of weapons.  As long as it is right for your persona, any combinations are encouraged. For those who cannot account for a two weapon form in your persona, you may use a single handed weapon persona accurate.

Participants MUST: Appear in armour that inspires others to excellence having noglaringly un-documentable aspects beyond those required for safety - ie: baskethilts, bargrills, cops, gauntlets, etc. (Rule of thumb: if you can document it you can have it -- to include kits based on period works of art. If you cannot document it, you must make a reasonable attempt to hide it)

Guaranteed rejections:

  • Exposed modern footwear. Period footwear is preferred. All effort must be made to make modern footwear appear as period as possible.
  • Street Hockey Gloves UNLESS covered / colored to look like real Gauntlets/gloves
  • Exposed plastic to include plastic lamellar
  • "Casserole" armour. Casserole: anymis-mash of time periods. e.g. Churburg brestplate with a Dura helm and Wisby gauntlets and etc... (all these are documentable by themselves, but centuries apart).
  • Inappropriate persona/arms combination: (Viking with a heater, great-swording Roman, madu, etc)
  • A t-tunic over 'football' pads or similar look.
  • Armour in poor condition or disrepair, undyedleather, etc.

TwoWinners will be selected.*

  • The Tournament Winner (martial prowess) will receive the title "Fedoratii Primus Pilus"
  • The second winner will be chosen from amongst the participants as "best kit in show" and receive the title "Fedoratii Signifer".
  • Both will be inducted into the VDK "Orderof the Fedoratii".

* We ask that entrants or friends of competitors donate prizes for the winners cache’.