Medieval coronation book online

The University of California Press eBook Collection has published a free, online edition of Medieval and Early Modern Monarchic Ritual by János M. Bak. The book was first published in 1990.

Medieval and Early Modern Monarchic Ritual is a collection of papers presented at a conference held in Toronto, Canada in February 1985. The subject of the conference was "medieval coronations and related rituals."


  • Introduction  Coronation Studies—Past, Present, and Future
  • One  Hincmar of Reims on King-making: The Evidence of the Annals of St. Bertin, 861–882
  • Two  Inaugural Aspects of French Royal Ceremonials
  • Three  A Coronation Program for the Age of Saint Louis: The Ordo of 1250
  • Four  The Manuscript of the Ordo of 1250 and Its Illuminations
  • Five  Copies in Context: The Coronation of Charles V in His Grandes Chroniques de France
  • Six  The Medieval Entry Ceremony at Paris
  • Seven  A Note on Viking Age Inaugurations
  • Eight  Coronation and Coronation Ordines in Medieval Scandinavia
  • Nine  Gesture in the Coronation Ceremonies of Medieval Poland
  • Ten  The Ordo for the Coronation of King Roger II of Sicily: An Example of Dating from Internal Evidence
  • Eleven  Papal Coronations in Avignon
  • Twelve  The Origins and Descent of the Fourth Recension of the English Coronation
  • Thirteen  "The Wonderfull Spectacle" the Civic Progress of Elizabeth I and the Troublesome Coronation
  • Fourteen  "Continuity" versus "Change": Historians and English Coronations of the Medieval and Early Modern Period