[ATL] War of the Wings VI

War of the Wings is proudly hosted by the Barony of the Sacred Stone with the generous help and support of many Atlantian volunteers. Combatants change each year, promoting a diverse event, while insuring that the fun is shared all across Atlantia.

This year's principle opponents are the Baronies of Black Diamond and Raven's Cove versus the Baronies of Sacred Stone and Hawkwood. The black and gold hordes are on the march!

We hope that this year will prove to be a wonderful experience for you, with all that War of the Wings traditionally has to offer, along with a few new surprises! Equestrian, arts & sciences, combat, live performances, archery, parties... the list goes on.

War of the Wings VI, October 6-10, 2011
Elchenburg Castle, 2239 Center Rd, Booneville, NC 27011