[ART] Dragon's Tear

In the dawning of our world, the last pair of dragons flew through skies of sapphire blue. With their great ages one landed to fall into his last sleep. Grief stricken for her loss, the last mighty Lady Dragon cried tears until she as well passed for this world into myth and legend.

In their beauty and grace we gather every year to remember them. With honor, chivalry, selfless service and the passing of knowledge, their memory lives on with the Shire of Stan Wyrms' Dragon's Tear Event. We would be honored to have you join us July 8th, 9th & 10th. Site will open noon Friday & closes 3pm Sunday. This is a wet site in period containers with above ground fire pits allowed according to the fire hazard rating for the area at the time.? Also bring swim gear since there is a small wading creek close on hand.

Squire Giovanni will run the Heavy Tourney as he steps down from carrying the Shires Banner & the War hammer BAM. Who will be next to carry the Honor of the Shire & let their story be added to BAM to be carried down through the ages. The Championship Tourney will be open for all un-belted fighters. We will also host a Grand Tourney Champion open to all fighters un-belted & belted. Our traditional prize of a sword can be won For the Shire Heavy Champion and a most valued prize for the Grand Champion.

Test your skills in Archery as well and do us all proud. Last year we had a tie for the Archery Champion. With much skill it was decided after 8 rounds of the contestants staying equal between a crossbow & recurve. I would love to see that kind of skill shown once again this year. A unique prize most valued by archer's to be won.

Light Fighters come one and all & show your lightning quick skills with blade.? Show off your skills and grace for all to see.? A wonderful prize is up for the best to win.

Anyone who would like to teach a class is more than welcome. Please contact me so we can plan your class & how much time you are in need of.

Merchants are more than welcome to come and share their wares with us. No Merchant fee but we do ask for a donation to be auctioned off during our Shire Auction directly following feast. Please contact Lady Sorcha, our Merchant Steward to ensure your merchant space.

And after our taste for knowledge, shopping & carnage has been slacked join us in the Lodge for a grand feast. Feast cap of 50.
Friday evening we will be hosting a soup kitchen
Saturday breakfast of breakfast burritos that you can assemble as you like
Lunch of soup, cold meats, cheese & sandwich makings
A wonderful Spanish themed Grand Feast
A Youth Grand Feast will also be available
Sunday morning foraging for all the food we enjoyed over the weekend.

After feast join in the fun & laughter of our auction

Please join us around the large fire pit as we raise a joyful noise of singing & storytelling, dancing and drumming and we even have materials to make s?mores for those craving chocolate.

Site Fees- Adults: $15.00, 14 & under: $10.00 for the two nights of camping. $5.00 Non-Member Surcharge will be collected for all Non-Members.
Feast Fees- Adults: $15.00 for three days of meals, $10.00 for ages 14-5, youth under five guests of the Shire.
Family Cap is for Family of four or more is $100.00.
Saturday day trippers  All ages: $7.00 site & $8.00 feast, family of four or more cap of $60.00

Savings to be had by Pre-paying: Adults: Meals and Site; $25.00 and Families of four or more; $75.00 pre-paid for Meals and Site. Non-Member surcharges still apply.

Directions: If you are traveling north from Great Falls, Montana, continue out of town down 10th Ave S, which turns into Highway 89/200. When you come to the Armington Junction turn right towards Neiheart and travel down Highway 89 until just before Neiheart. There will be a bridge on your right hand side of the road with a sign saying S.C.A pointing in the direction you need to go. If you are coming from the south from the White Sulphur Springs direction you need to go north on Highway 89 continue through Neiheart and the bridge will be on the left with a S.C.A sign pointing to the direction you need to go. If you are traveling east going west through Stanford on Highway 87/200 west bound go to the Raynesford Junction and take a left heading toward Monarch and continue on toward Neiheart just before Neiheart there will be a S.C.A sign on your right showing the way you need to turn and go. When anyone gets to this point, they need to go over the small narrow bridge. You need to continue to follow the dirt road until the end, staying to the left, the road WILL go all the way to camp with NO turn offs. The campsite is the last one on the road...

Event Steward: Lord Lochlain the Lost; dvdbl@yahoo.com
Co-Event Steward: Lord Martus Almasy
Feast Steward: Lord Morgan Lucktain; celtic_wolf07@yahoo.com
Marshal Contact: Lord Lochlain the Lost; dvdbl@yahoo.com
Lord Morgan Lucktain; celtic_wolf07@yahoo.com
Merchant Contact; Lady Sorcha; tenacia2000@yahoo.com