[DRA] Brot, Wurst und Spiele IV

The Shire of Aventiure, Canton in the Barony of Knight´s Crossing, invites You to Brot,Wurst und Spiele IV. Attend this Weekend with Games and Fights and bring in all Your skills to support Your team!

Bauspielplatz Roter Hahn, Pommernring 58, 23569 Lübeck

BWH is a Camping Event.
Site :  Bauspielplatz Roter Hahn
Bau und Geschichtsspielplatz Roter Hahn, Pommernring 58, 23569 Lübeck-Kücknitz.
Site opens Friday 18:00 and closes Sunday 14:00.
If you arrive earlier please be discreet and contact the Eventcrew.  (people who show up earlier be aware before 18:00 there are public activities on site)

Restrictions: no parking on site, fire off the ground.The site is a little medieval village, so there are animals like goats, sheep, horses and chicken. Mundane tents are allowed but will be hidden behind  medieval tents and medieval houses.

Reservation: Last day for reservation is the 25 July (the site is limited to about 100 people)  If you need crash space contact the steward. 

Send your reservation to:Sileas von Biuira, vonbiuira (a) gmx.de

By Car:Autobahn A1 to Lübeck, change into A226 to direction Travemünde, take exit Kücknitz,from there follow the SCA signs.

By train: train station Lübeck Kücknitz
By Airplane: Ryan air Airport Hamburg-Lübeck,you need 30 Min to the site
For those who need a pick up please contact the steward latest until 1 August 2011

Cost: make your choice :

All inclusive : 25 Euros per person ( includes Sitefee and all  meals) 
Family-Cap : 30 Euros (including two adults and two children  with food)

10 Euros Sitefee per Person , Children are free
Family Cap : 10  Euros (including  2 Adults and children without food)
Barbeque-Fee: 8,50 Euros per Adult, Children 1-5 free , 5-18 half Price
Friday Evening Soup: 1,50 Euros per Adult , Children 1-5 free , 5-18 half Price
Breakfeast Sa/Su: 3,00 Euros per Adult , Children 1-5 free , 5-18 half Price
Lunch Sa: 2,00 Euros per Adult , Children 1-5 free , 5-18 half Price

Event Stewards:
Vrank von Attendorn
Reservations: Sileas von Biuira, vonbiuira (a) gmx.de
Feastocrat: Countess Eleonora von Ratzeburg
Marshal in Charge : N.N.
Fencing MIC: Vrank von Attendorn