[MID] Push for Pennsic

Join us as the Marche of Norborough presents: Push for Pennsic, a South Oaken Pennsic War Practice July 8-10, 2011 at Miami County Fairgrounds

Miami County Fairgrounds,
650 N County Road 25A
Troy, Ohio 45373
Just 4 minutes off Interstate 75
(Site opens Friday at 5pm and Closes Sunday at noon.)
Enjoy the fighting, the arts, the shopping, and the camaraderie.
Try out that new tent or test drive your new class before you take them to war.
Get your gear inspected or get authorized so you can join the Dragon Army at Pennsic.
Site is DRY.  (see site rules)

Site fee:
age 13 and up: $10 if preregistered by July 1, $11 day of event
age 5 through 12: $4 if preregistered by July 1, $5 day of event
age under 5: No charge
Tent fee of $6 a tent per night goes to the fairgrounds
A $5 nms fee will apply to anyone age 13+ who cannot provide proof of membership.  This applies only to full-price site fees and not discounted admissions.
Adult admissions only: (age 13+) If paying day of event, you can get $1 discounted off your site fee by donating a canned good, with all donations going to a local food pantry.
You also pay a discounted rate if you preregister by July 1.
Pizza Feast:
Due to site restrictions, we are unable to offer a conventional lunch counter or feast.
Al's Pizza, by far the best pizza in town, will be delivering Pizza Feast for 150 gentles Saturday evening.
Adults: $5 prereg, $6 day of event
Kids: $2.50 prereg, $3 day of event
Lapsitters free
Cold water and soft drinks will be available to purchase on merchant's row Saturday until Feast.
Planned activities for Push:
--Day time activities--
Rapier Combat
Armoured Combat
Thrown Weapons
Merchant's row packed with goodies to buy
Children's activities and classes
Arts and Science classes
Artisan's Row
iScandali family friendly play
Indoor, airconditioned Snowball fight in July (just watch out for yellow snow!)
Wild beast tourney (no fighter's authorization required)
Stickhorse race
Scribal Fundraiser
3 Musketeers Challenge course
--Night time activities--
Torchlight Tourney
Pizza Feast Saturday evening
Dancing and Dessert Revel
Drum circle
Bardic circle
Medieval Movie Night
"A&S After Dark" display...And the return of iScandali's Naughty Show!
If you'd like to volunteer to lead any of these activities, please email the Autocrat.
If you're running an activity, please email the webminister to be sure we have accurate information for your activity, including your contact info.
This is a list of activities we'd love to have, but we can't make it happen without volunteers like YOU.
We still have a number of positions needing filled, including:
Heralds (Consulting, Court, and Field) (contact Shamirah)
Boffers marshall (contact Shamirah)
Thrown weapons marshall (contact Shamirah)
more A&S class teachers (contact Mindy)
more Artisans to display their craft on Artisans' Row (contact Mindy)
More retainers and royal guards (contact Rosamund)
Autocrat: Lady Shamirah Rae Linacre
CoMerchantocrats: Lord Aedric Lambert and Lady Mariassa Ashgrove
Archery Marshal: Lord Joshua Frost
Children's activities: Faith Wymer, Syrena
Heavy weapons Marshalls: Sergeant Alrekr Eiriksson and Sir William of Fairhaven
Rapier Marshall: Lord Darius Lowen
Chirurgeon: Master Erik Erikson the Scout
Royalty Liason: Rosamund Beauvisage
Games Tavern: Master Brusten de Bearsul [email: Brusten (at) dnaco.net]
Dancing: Lady Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli and Lord Edward Foxley