Atenveldt fighters needed for PSA

Sir AElfred Lionstar of the Kingdom of Atenveldt reports that a Public Service Commercial for Valley Big Brothers and Sisters featuring armored combatants will be filmed July 9, 2011 in Encanto park near Phoenix, Arizona.

Sir AElfred writes:

One of my friends is filming a commercial for Valley Big Brothers and Sisters and has asked me to get volunteers from the SCA for a melee situation in the commercial.  Our part of the filming will be at Encanto Park on Saturday July 9th in the afternoon.  This is the same weekend as "Too Darn Hot" in Ered Sul.  This is a Public Service Commercial, so there's no pay, but you can say that you were an extra in a commercial.  Please wear your finest armor.

The premise of the commercial is to show a guy preparing to be a Big Brother in the program.  He knows kids can be tough and have a wide variety of interests, so he wants to be ready.  He tries several different activities including SCA Hardsuit Combat.  That's where we come in.  The actor will need be in some loaner armor, then be thrown into a melee.  There will be scenes of him in various conditions like enthusiastic, scared, roughed up, ready to go again, etc.

The Producer has asked for "50-100 fighters".   He realizes this is short notice and has conflicts.

So, who's interested?

Sir AElfred Lionstar
mka Brent Gear "Doc"
602-320-8561 cell

Additional information

Lord Alystyr Stewart, Atenveldt Media Officer, sends this additional information for those planning to attend:

Due to a small production change, and the fact that 2pm is too hot, The Big Brothers and Big Sisters commercial shoot is now scheduled for around 5:30pm on July 9th at Encanto Park.

We can also use some loaner garb and loaner armor for the actor who is about 5'4 with a 30" waist.

The shoot needs as many fighters as we can get as we still don't have as many as we would like. For all those interested in participating in this shoot, and are able to COMMIT to being there, please email me at or call/text me at 602-317-2338 so I know who and how many to expect. Please feel free to re-post!

It would make me proud to see many of my fellow fighters, squires and knights out in force to help support a great cause, and help demonstrate what we, as a society, are all about!

Simply a Squire Serving their Solar Sovereigns and Society,

Lord Alystyr Stewart
m.k.a. Josh Jameson
Kingdom Media Officer

Additional details

Sir AElfred Lionstar adds:

We should plan to start around 2 pm at Encanto Park on the Soccer field.  This is tentative since there are 5 locations for filming and only one film crew, but we'll need to be ready when they are.  Please bring your extra armor.  We'll see what fits the "New Guy".  Men, women, and children are welcome, but there's no guarantee what will make the final cut.  My family will be there with their youth combat armor.