Badge of St. Ursula found in England

A metal dectorist in Lancashire, England has unearthed a 500-year old pilgrim badge of St. Ursula. The badge came from her shrine in Cologne, Germany and is unique in Britain.

The story of St. Ursula was popular in medieval Europe. Ursula was a British princess who sailed to France with 11,000 virgins, diverted her trip to go on pilgrimage, and was ultimately killed (along with the 11,000 virgins) by Huns in Germany.

When a large cemetery was found in Cologne in the 11th century it was declared to be that of Ursula and her companions, and the cult spread from there. [photo]

St. Ursula's traveling companions

I have this vision of the Hun soldiers, after long months on duty with no women...  "Commander, we have captured an enemy. She's a woman traveling with 11,000 virgins. What should we do, Sir?" "Kill them, of course. What else could we possibly do with 11,000 virgins?"

Yeah. Right. Methinks perhaps this tale was slightly altered in the many generations of retelling.