New SCA documentary looking for backers

Zorikh Lequidre, known in the SCA as Lord Ervald the Optimistic, producer of The Pennsic War: A Video Documentary, is seeking backers for a new production to be filmed at Pennsic War XL.

Lord Ervald writes:

Dear proprietor, Lord Ervald the Optimistic sends greetings.

Hi. My name is Zorikh Lequidre, known in the SCA as Ld. Ervald the Optimistic. I am a 25 year veteran of the SCA, and the producer of "The Pennsic War: A Video Documentary" (the only SCA documentary both listed on IMDB and available on I have also produced a CD of original SCAdian songs (also available on and created the popular Ironfowl series of cartoon pages. Outside the SCA I am an actor, video and stage producer, writer, and entertainer. I have several popular YouTube channels, occasionally appear in films and on TV (perhaps you saw me on "Sci-Fi Science" with Dr. Michio Kaku or in the indie film "After the Apocalype"), perform at comic book/sci-fi/fantasy conventions, and compete in Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments (sponsored by Dead Serious Fight Gear). You can see more about me online.

Over the years I have been asked if there would ever be a follow-up to that Pennsic War documentary. Nowadays there are other videographers who do a very nice job of producing over-all general documentaries of the Pennsic War. Therefore, I felt that if I were to shoot any video at Pennsic, it would have to be something with a different angle, something unique that had not been done before.

Recently I have been working with "Simply the Best" G.A. West, a top fitness professional, life coach, actor, model, and pro wrestler. He appeared in a movie I made a few years ago, and since then we have been involved in each other's careers, making videos, training and competing in grappling tournaments, performing at pro wrestling shows, and covering special events in Brooklyn (you can see some of these adventures on YouTube). I have decided that together we can make a video at  the Pennsic war that is unique and original, appealing to a wide audience and giving a new look at the SCA.

The Powers-That-Be have granted me kind permission to shoot this new video, tentatively titled "Return to Pennsic." It has been 20 years since the original video was produced, and this new project will be a 20th anniversary follow-up. We are looking for support for this project, and we hope you can help us in at least one of several ways.

But first let me tell you more about the project. You can see a brief teaser about it on YouTube.

This video will chronicle the preparation for and return to Pennsic of Yours Truly after a two-year absence, along with my friend and project partner, "Simply the Best" G.A. West, who happens to be an "indoor-oriented modern" with no previous experience in any medieval stuff, renaissance fairs, LARPs, historical recreation, or even camping outdoors.

I have been away from the SCA for a couple of years as life has taken me in various directions, and I am not as young as I used to be, so G.A. West is helping me get into the best physical shape of my life so I can hit the battlefield stronger and with more endurance than ever. I will also be meeting and catching up with some of the people who appeared in the original documentary to see what, if anything, has changed over the past 20 years.

G.A. West is interested in several aspects of SCAdian life. He wants to look at the physical demands and martial arts element of the fighting. He is interested in the life choices made by people in the SCA. He is also fascinated by the potential comparisons and contrasts between the worlds of the SCA and pro wrestling. Both involve a form of combat sport in a spectacular setting; both involve taking on a "persona" or "character," both have developed a subculture with their own vocabularies, legends, and social orders, and both involve lifelong dedication by their top practitioners.

So together G.A. West and I are going out of our "comfort zones," me with physical training, him with living outdoors in a medieval recreation environment.

This video will give both an "insider" and "outsider" view of the SCA. This will give a unique balance and structure to the project, and make it appeal to a wide audience.

We intend to market this to SCAdians, LARPers, and renaissance faire affectionados, through publications like Tournaments Illuminated and Renaissance Magazine, and by wholesale offerings to SCA merchants. It will be marketed to the sci-fi and fantasy fandom crowd through comic book/sci-fi/fantasy conventions, and to the general public through my website, film festivals, and We will also be able to reach fans and practitioners of martial arts, fitness, and pro wrestling through my BJJ competitions and video work and G.A. West's fitness business and pro wrestling fan base. Highlights, trailers, and related videos will be posted on the project's YouTube channel.

The original Pennsic War video has been in print constantly for the past ten years, marketed almost exclusively to the SCA audience alone, and has sold nearly 1000 copies since I produced the 10th Anniversary Special Edition in 2001. YouTube videos of Pennsic get thousands of views annually. With this new project's pedigree, my increased knowledge of marketing and promotions, and the broader potential audience, I expect this video to do even better.

This video represents a unique opportunity for you to help us show the SCA to the world in a positive light from two contrasting perspectives. It will also be a way for you to reach both potential SCAdian customers and new customers outside the SCA, and show yourself as a supporter of creative, adventurous videography of a frequently misunderstood subject, the SCA.

As G.A. West has never been to a single event, he knows nothing about garb, accessories, feast gear, medieval culture, etc. This provides you with a unique opportunity to have your products modeled by a good-looking, physically fit, professional model in a video that will be seen by thousands Internet users and video customers. For the contribution of one outfit for G.A. West, either "for keeps" or on loan, we will feature him wearing the outfit and can even shoot footage of him trying it on at your booth while you talk about it. We would also thank your business in the credits and provide a link on the website.

Of course we also have further opportunities to support this project. As all enterprises require money, we have the following options for you to support our project financially, while increasing your brand awareness:

$20 - listing as "friend" in the credits and on the website and a copy of the video.
$60 - listing as "silver sponsor" in the credits, link on the website, and a copy of the video
$100 - listing as "gold sponsor" in the credits, with your logo or device and name on screen, link on website, and 3 copies of the video to keep, sell, give away, whatever you like.
$200 - a 30-second promo spot (that you provide) at the end for the video and on the website and 5 copies.
$275 - we produce the 30-second promo spot, and you still get the placement and 5 copies.
$300 - a one-minute promo spot (that you provide) at the end of the video and on the website and 10 copies.
$400 - we produce the one-minute promo spot, and you still get the placement and 10 copies.
$1000 and up - associate producer credit and other benefits. Call or e-mail for details.

You can see more about this project and follow its progress online.

Please get in touch with me at your earliest convenience and let me know if this project interests you and would fit into your business' objectives.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.

Zorikh Lequidre "Captain Zorikh"
182 Graham Ave #2
Brooklyn, NY