Vote online for grant to build replica Roman fort in UK

Roman-era reenactors who operate a tour company in the UK are seeking online and cellphone votes to help them secure a UK£50,000 grant to construct a replica Roman fortress.

Paul Harston is a spokesman for Roman Tours, a company that guides visitors around the Chester area (known as Deva during Roman times) with a specific emphasis on the Roman history of the region. Mr. Harston writes:

Roman Tours are now finalists in the biggest business competition in the UK which could see us win UK£50,000 from Barclays Bank to reconstruct a Roman Fort in the region to be used as an education centre and tourist destination. To win, we need YOUR vote. If you share our passion for the past, then please support this amazing venture by texting ROMAN to 62555 (it’s a free1 message) and vote a second time [visiting the Vote link below] and entering your email address. Please vote and please spread the word! More details can be found at [the project home page, linked below].

Although Roman Tours is a for-profit business, they are reenactor-friendly and have employees who are active in the reenactment community.

Voting ends June 27.

1 The texting destination is "free" in the sense that Barclays Bank (the owner of the texting number) is not charging for the message the way some do. The sending of the message to this destination still costs whatever your own cell provider charges for that service. The number may have to be altered for texting from other countries. Web voting should be a no-cost option for everyone, however.

Thanks to Roxie Shaw for the information about this project.