An Account of Spring Crown Tournament

THL Saradwen Ariandalen provides a detailed account of Earl Sir Brannos O'Irongardail's victory for the honor of Countess Rebekah MacTiernan in the Midrealm Crown Tournament. The victor was in the Spring 2004 Crown Tournament Earl Sir Brannos O'Irongardail, fighting for the honour of his Lady Wife, Countess Rebekah MacTiernan. His opponent in the final bouts was Baron Sir Kamiizumi Munenori, fighting for the honour of his Lady Wife, Baroness Mistress Iasmin de Cordoba. Both couples are from the Barony of Roaring Wastes (Detroit, MI).

The final four were Baron Sir Kamiizumi Munenori, who fought Sir Ivar Ithrdrengr, and Earl Sir Brannos O'Irongardail, who fought Duke Sir Dag Thorgrimmson. Brannos defeated Dag, and Munenori defeated Ivar, advancing both Brannos and Munenori to the final round.

The first bout of the final round was fought sword and shield, and Brannos won that one. The second bout, which Brannos also won, was fought with glaives.

If a third bout had to be fought, His Majesty Felix declared that he would choose the weapon style, that being what he felt was a right Knightly weapon: nine-foot spear. However, that bout was not necessary.

The sun shone brightly on the field of battle. A gorgeous day, not too hot but not too cool, made for a perfect outdoor arena for fighting a Crown List. Many, including myself, were sunburned by day's end, but deliriously happy with the outcome of the Tournament.

There was nary a dry eye in the house as His Highness Brannos crowned his Lady Princess, Rebekah. He gave a moving speech about her courage and beauty and how it was her strength alone that got him through the tournament undefeated.

The feast was a glorious affair of sumptuous dishes, and I have returned home with a copy of the recipe book that was provided on table for all feasters to observe what went into the cooking of each dish. I will gladly donate such to the Cook's Guild of our Barony, that perhaps such dishes might in fact be recreated by our own cooks at some future event.

A hilarious game of live chess then ensued after feast was concluded. A chess board was spread out on the floor and members of the populace eating feast were asked to be "chess pieces" in the game. Blue pieces were played by Duke Sir Ragnvaldr and Red pieces were played by Sir Steven of Bellatrix (I believe that is who it was). Great mirth was had and the chess game concluded with a mel