Flaming Gryphon - Fight for the Cure

On Monday, August 8, the fighting and support corps of the Barony of Flaming Gryphon will forgo their usual Ermine and Or livery for something even cooler.  We will collectively take the field wearing pink for the battles that day to "Save the TaTas".

Following the battles, we will tour the camp and public areas at Pennsic in our pink tabards accepting donations.  All donations collected will go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

What can you do?  Two things; first, be ready for our noble troupe when we visit your camp.  There's a lot of area to cover and we have every intention of getting to it all.  Perhaps someone in your camp can organize the collections and be ready when we come by.  Alternatively, you can come by the Flaming Gryphon camp on Monday, August 8 and a representative there will gladly accept your generous donations.  Second, please pass the word.  Pass this missive far and wide, to any list, forum, or other media you can.

I'm sure that everyone has been touched by this disease one way or another and we're hoping that you can help us try to help make a difference.

If anyone has any questions at all, please see our Facebook page at the link below, and if you like the idea, 'Like' it.

Thank you and…

Save the TaTas!

Baron Dafydd Blaidd,
Baron of Flaming Gryphon