[ATL] Roman Garb Workshop

Roman garb is easy, easy, easy, and extremely comfortable in the heat, but if you want to do it right, we have the workshop for you, taught by Lady Iohanna filia Iacobi.

There is currently a hand-out planned but you can get to her research paper in the link at the bottom.
Here are the details on the Roman Workshop:
At my home at 8604 Slate Hill Circle, Frederick MD 21704 on 25 June 2011 starting at 10:00 am.
We have 10 spaces for people making garb but no limit to folks who want to ask questions or look through the documentation. Six spaces are currently filled.
We'll have a pot of chili or soup or something for everyone and some munchies. Feel free to bring something to share if you like, but it's not mandatory.
No fee but donations welcome.
Max: 10 students. (Have 6 already).
Lecture/history/Q&A 10:00 - 12:00
Fittings, practice and make pieces rest of the afternoon. Plan to finish about 6:00 pm, but we can go longer if needed.
I will have two sewing machines and a serger available if needed.
Things to bring:
- Four yards each of lightweight linen for layers: tunica (chemise), stola (gown), and palla (draped layer)
- See my research paper for colors appendix
- Rules of thumb: tunica white / light color; stola any color (often rich, eg mustard, red, olive, burgundy, etc); palla light solid (best for Pennsic) or colored with yellow/gold band along bottom edge (bling bling)
Here is her research paper, which includes color appendix:
Please RSVP to me to insure a space. Thanks!
YIS, Alessandra da Venizia