[DRA] Garden of Earthly Delights

Let it be known that from the 21st to 23rd of October, there shall be a Faire to celebrate the arts and artisanal crafts, and this faire shall be held in the Alte Rathaus in the medieval heart of Miltenberg.

The lord Baron and lady Baroness of Knights Crossing welcome all and sundry, but especially those who wish to share their and display their myriad workes.

The Baron and Baroness declare that there shall also be a grand feast held at the appropriate time for such things - the middle of the day. After the day of sharing and learning, there shall be revelry--- games, laughter and dancing in the customary fashion!

This is a day to display your works, whether finished or not, to share your knowledge. We are not only looking for perfection --- we want beginner level work, all the way to master works! No competition, only sharing and learning. Artisans will sit with their projects, working on an unfinished one, etc., and people can admire, examine, inquire about them, etc. (Artisans may also, of course, go and examine other people's work and try new skills). If a spontaneous class breaks out, wonderful! If you would like to have a booth at the fair, please contact Duchess Fiona, at cindypeterson_mspete at yahoo com.


18:00 Site opens, dinner is served, people can start setting up their booths and sharing knowledge
21:00 dance class, revelry, more sharing

Brunch: until 16:00
10:00-14:00 Faire
14:00-16:30 Feast
16:00 - Late Faire
20:30 Ball/Revelry/more faire!

Vacate site by noon, sharp. No exceptions.

Meals include dinner Friday, breakfast, feast, and evening sideboard Saturday, breakfast of leftovers Sunday.

No experience necessary, all dances will be taught!

Is the gorgeous 14th c. city hall of Miltenberg, which has been restored to its 14th c. look, but with amenities such as central heating and an ultra-professional modern kitchen. The site is 100% handicapped accessible, with elevators, handicapped bathrooms and ramps. For pictures of the town and the site, see: Stadt Miltenberg

Site opens Friday, October 21, 2011, 18:00, and closes Sunday, October 23, 2011, at noon.
Site address: Altes Rathaus, Hauptstraße 137 63897 Miltenberg .

Crash space will be offered in the Rathaus. Bring own bedding. Please be expected to completely clear and put away your bedding during the day Saturday since we will be feasting in the lower hall, and holding the faire in the upper hall (unless part of your Faire display is a reproduction 15th century bedroom, for example). For those who prefer a real bed and a shower, there are a number of very reasonably priced inns within easy walking distance of the site, ranging from 20-70 EUR per night, such as the Hotel Mildenburg. Contact Lady Judith if you need assistance making arrangements.

Weekend, paid SCA members: 35 EUR per adult, 13-17 15 EUR, children younger than 13 are free.
Daytrip, paid SCA members: 30 EUR per adult, 13-17 10 EUR, children younger than 13 are free.
Weekend, non-members: 45 EUR per adult, 13-17 15 EUR, children younger than 13 are free. Daytrip, non-members: 40 EUR per adult, 13-17 10 EUR, children younger than 13 are free.

Steward: Judith de Northumbria: judithsca at aol com

To guarantee a spot at feast, reservations must be paid by October 14, 2011.
If you have questions about getting to and from the event, whether by plane, train or automobile, or of you need a pick-up, please contact Judith. For discussion please use the forum!

Head cook:
Meisterinne Stella Seraphina, stella.seraphina at gmx de