[WES] Eskalyan Baroness' Champion

Here in does the Baroness of Eskalya, Margaret Anne of Somerset, invite all to come and enjoy a day of fun and fighting.

The time has come to once more select new champions for Her Excellency. She invites all fighters to come out and enjoy the fighting. The lists shall be open to all and those who wish to vie for the honor of being champion shall be considered while all other fighters can come and enjoy the melee fighting. The tournaments are melees and the exact nature of the scenarios will not be announced unto that day the following information is for both heavy and rapier fighters. The melees will need to have at least three fighters per team, the teams will be randomly selected, there will be various goals to achieve in the melees, they will be resurrection battles, and they will be timed. The rapier fighters will be given on RBG per team with three pieces of ammo. Once the ammo is shot, there will be no more ammo and you may not glean from the field.

During the day, there will be and A&S class on the topic of knitting as well as the Baronial Populace meeting. There are three competitions; Baroness' Whim is suns in any mode (this does not need to be a new piece), A&S is a poem about Eskalya, and the third is for the person who can exactly guess where the inspiration for the melees came from (members of the Baroness' family are not allowed to enter).

That evening there shall be a potluck feast with the dishes selected by your birth month.

January -April is protein main dishes (i.e. something with meat or tofu or whatever protein you want to use)
May- August is veggies and fruits
September- December is desserts

Please make sure that your dish can feed 6 to 8 people and that a list of ingredients is included.  If you need to reheat or cook your dish on site you will need to bring the needed items.

The site is the Pena Soccer Fields at Centennial Park located at Muldoon and Boundary. The site will open at 10 am with opening court at 11:30 am.  We have only rented the soccer field and as such we encourage everyone to bring a day shade for the day. (Sorry but the city said the shelter was rented for
that day). The site is discreetly wet and underage drinking will not be tolerated.

To reach the site from Anchorage take Muldoon northward until you are almost at the Glenn highway exit, turn right onto Boundary and then take the next immediate left. The park will be on the right hand side of the road. From the Valley take the Muldoon south exit and at the first light, which is Boundary take a left and then take the next immediate left.

Site Autocrat Meghan Spencer spencer10@gci.net

Please cross post to other lists as needed