[EAL] Summer Siege III

The Drums of War are Pounding! We have changed the location this year! Gate opens at 8 a.m.

In co-operation with the Chesterville Farmer's Market we will be using their site this year. This event will be an extremely public one. We are in the field directly beside the Chesterville Farmer's Market, which will be open.

NOTE: The Farmer's Market will be having a bee keeping seminar for anyone interested.

Do not worry about people just walking into the event, as our site area and all our event activities will be roped off, but, be prepared to have spectators and an audience most of the day.

We have some loaner garb available for people brand new to the SCA.
You can bring your own tents/sun shades. There is plenty of space.

When: Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where: Chesterville Farmer's Market

Site fee: Reduced since going into the Tidings!
Adults: $8 (Kingdom Event Tithe included)
+ $5 Non-Member Surcharge, if applicable.
Children 5-14: $3.00
Children under 5: free
Family: $19

Merchants are welcome: $15 merchant fee

Lunch: Day board included in site fee.

Feast (within the Farmer's Market building): $12

Note: In case of rain we will be in the Farmer's Market building!


Those brave participants who wish to be part of the day's Triathlon choose and compete in three of the following activities, at scheduled times: Fighting/Boffer, A&S, Fencing, Thrown Weapons or Archery. You collect points at each of the three activities you do, at the designated times, which are totaled at the end of the day. The grand winner of the Triathlon will receive a very splendid prize!!

Marshalled and led at each Triathlon scheduled time by each activity marshal.
Points tallied in the end by our Autocrat, Lady Morag Taylor

The hay castle: it's back, with a vengeance. Mocking you ... taunting you ... inviting you ... to SIEGE!! Bring thrown weapons. We will be using sappers and engineers.
Marshelled by Lord Sean Campbell

Armoured Combat
Don your armour and prepare for the upcoming season of wars.
Fighting will be all day.
There will be a prize for the winner of a tourney!
Marshalled by Lord Sean Campbell

Children are our future ... and children who do boffer will be those who survive the longest in our future! Armour up, wee fighters of Skraeling!
There will be a prize for the winner of a tourney!
Marshalled by Sir Baldric Leeman

Clash steel with your worthy opponent as blades whistle and cut through the air! Fight within your own hay castle too! There will be a prize for the winner of a tourney!
Marshalled by Lord Dafydd ap Alan

A full archery range will be set-up for both target and combat archery.
There will be a prize for the winner of a tourney!
Marshalled by the Honourable Lord Edhan L'Espoire DeBrus

Thrown Weapons
What thrown weapons will there be? atlatll, axes, spears ...
Periodically throughout the day, check the schedule!
There will be a prize for the winner of a tourney!
Marshalled by Lord Blythe of the Mountain

Tug of War
Some time during the day ... throw your weight around!

Equestrian Activities
The quintain, ribbon race, and horseback archery will be demonstrated for your entertainment! These magnificent horses will also be putting on a Show-and-Shine, a display and fun competition of their beauty and their best period decorative trapping!.
Demonstrations and Show-and-Shine entries by Lord Michael Eastbrooke, Kanina Mac’ Am Gilverdatter and Cennèdig of Flichesburg

Dance Lessons
Come and take part in various styles of period dance, with dance classes being taught.
Taught by Kanina Mac' Am Gilverdatter

Not just the merchants in the Farmer's Market, but our own as well.
Please contact the Autocrat(s) if you wish to merchant!

Trading Circle
An opportunity for you to bring items in good condition no longer wanted or needed, for trade and barter for new things of interest! Bring a little or bring a lot - the more there is, the more fun trading!

A table will be setup beside the merchants where your items can be displayed throughout the day. Check the schedule for the time when you will then get to gether to barter and haggle!

A&S Competition
Summer Theme! To make voting interesting and fun, ballots will be given to gentles and various merchants for them to hand out to people not in the SCA. It's a fantastic opportunity to have different people vote on your art, as well as encourage them to come over and see what's going on. A&S table with entries will be by Gate, outside of our roped off site area. There will be a prize for the winning entry.
Led by Lady Emelote of Calais

Children's Activities
Supervised, but it is not a day care. Lots of games planned.
Led by Bridget of Cornwall

Food and Refreshments
A day board will be available (included in your site fee).
Feast will be in the Chestervill Farmer's Market building.
Prepared by Herr Reinhart Von Altenburg


From the South - Take your best route to the 401 Hwy. Exit at Morrisburg. Head north on Hwy 31. At Hwy 31 & 43 intersection turn right. Follow to Chesterville. Turn left onto Queen street. Turn left into the fairgrounds.

From the North - Take best route to 416 Hwy and head south. Exit at Kemptville. Turn left towards Winchester. Follow Hwy 43 to the lights at Winchester. Turn right. You are now on Hwy 31. Follow this until the next set of lights and turn left. You are now on Hwy 43 again. Follow this to Chesterville. Turn left onto Queen street. Turn left into the fairgrounds.

Autocrats / Event Stewards:

Lady Morag Taylor E-Mail: pte_black@hotmail.com
Meisterin Siglinde Harfnerstochter E-Mail: harper.diane@sympatico.ca

Feast Reservation Steward:
Lady Emaline deMornay E-Mail: dandjpetersen@rogers.com