Summer Combative Arts/A&S Weekend


DATE: August 19-21, 2011
PLACE: Chateau de Camville
ADDRESS: 2735 Possum Creek Lane Placerville, CA.
PHONE: 530-621-2430
FEE: $10.00 (includes FIVE MEALS & REVELS) weekend. $5.00 (includes TWO MEALS
and REVEL) Saturday day-rate.
RSVP DATE: August 15, 2011

Come learn, laugh, eat and enjoy at the Summer Combative Arts /A&S Weekendhosted by Chateau de Camville! Do not miss out on this opportunity to have aGREAT time, eat well and improve you SCA related skills! Please RSVP as soon asyou can! Deadline for RSVP (to reserve crash space and to ensure you actually get fed) is August 15th, 2011! When you RSVP please tell us how many in your party, combatant/non-combatant, food allergies, Friday or Saturday arrival, and if you need camping or crash space (crash space fills quickly so please RSVP).

NOTE #1: This is NOT official SCA event. The gathering is being held and sponsored by Chateau de Camville. Participants please RSVP by the deadline so we can plan to FEED YOU WELL! You can show up the day of the workshops but if you don't RSVP you may not get enough to eat (or we may not have enough crash space!)

NOTE #2: The house will be open from Friday 8/19/11 at 3:00pm to Sunday 8/21/11at 3:00pm. We will have some form of dinner for folks arriving on Friday, Three meals on Saturday and two on Sunday. CRASH SPACE/CAMPING: We have LOTS of room for tent set up and crash space (you will need to RSVP for IN HOUSE crash space) for those traveling from outside the area. If you need crash space over the weekend please let us know by dropping us a note at by August 15, 2011.

COMBATIVE ARTS TRAINING: SATURDAY: START TIME IS 10:00AM SHARP! DO NOT BE LATE! Saturday is going to be a one-full-day of training geared towards improving the combative art skills used in the SCA and WMA forms of Armored Combat. OPEN TO ALL LEVEL OF COMBATIVE ARTS ENTHUSIAST! We will be TRAINING with drills, slow-work, focused sparring and more. A large portion of the day will be partially unarmored (helms/pads/gambesons) and the latter part of the day will be armored.SUNDAY: It will be a bit less structured. We may work on a variety of different skills (we even teach a class with horses as your sparring partner! Curious? Then RSVP!).

A&S ACTIVITIES: We are currently asking for folks to teach A&S classes!  Scribal Arts, Courtly Graces and (maybe) Horse 101 is current on the books! A Documentation/Research class is tentatively on the roster as well.

WANT TO TEACH AN A&S CLASS? If YOU want to teach an A&S please let us know at ASAP so we can get you on the schedule! Did we mention that teachers get the weekend FREE? Yes, it's true!

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Everyone: Bring your bedrolls, comfy clothes, your favorite beverages, a chair, music (CD's) and whatever you need to feel relaxed. Side dish contributions are ALWAYS welcomed! If you plan on taking the nature walk good hiking boots are recommended. When working with the horses, boots are a MUST and jeans are STRONGLY advised!

FOOD: As stated a majority of your meals are covered for the weekend IF YOU RSVP by August 15, 2011! Please let us know if you have any food allergies at that time. Side dish contributions are ALWAYS welcome.

ROUND TABLE/REVEL: There will a revel evening! Roundtable type discussions will occur. Bring your positive attitude and get ready to have some fun in the country!

ANIMALS: Please note that there are three horses and two friendly dogs on site. Dogs are welcomed BUT they should be leashed up, if your canine has wanderlust, as the surrounding area is pretty vast, heavily wooded and there is an irrigation canal nearby. Please keep your dogs tethered to something (we have two dog runs and a large kennel available) if you are concerned about them getting lost. If your pups know enough to come home after an adventure it is up to you! Stickers and ticks will be in season! The horses are not afraid of dogs and can potentially kick at them if pestered. Just an FYI.

Email us for detailed directions!

We look forward to sharing the weekend with you!

In Service,

Viscount. Richard de Camville, KSCA, OL, OP
Alloria Sommerled
Chateau de Camville