[OUT] Shire Rio de Las Animas Defender

Our Shire is in need of a Defender; a swordsman willing to face the best of the rapier community.   A swordsman willing to live and die in defense of the Lost Souls.

Long has the mountain pass between our Kingdom and Artemisia been guarded against any who might encroach on our fair lands.  Once again a heavy warrior will be chosen to defend the Silver Pass against all foes.

On July 23rd, AS XLVI Shire Rio de las Animas calls all heavy and light fighters to fair Riverhold to show your courage, prowess and skills on the field as we determine  the Defender of the Shire of Lost Souls, as well as the Defender of the Silver Pass.

For those not competing in the tourneys there will be an archery shoot for those skilled with the bow. An arts and science siege for the crafty types, as well as Children’s activities for the smalls in attendance.  There is even talk of a horse race.

The event will be held at 72 River Road, Durango Colorado (directions below).

Site Fees: Adults and Teens: $10, Children 6-12: $5, 5 and under Free. Non-members are required to pay a non-member surcharge of $5. Checks payable to SCA-Shire of Rio de Las Animas.

There will be a mid-day meal serving a maximum of 50 gentles. Lunch fee is $5; children under the age of 6 free. Pre-registration for the meal is encouraged; please contact Lady Jacques for information as well as any dietary concerns.  

Site is Discreetly Wet, period containers please.

Important Notes: Please bring shade, chairs, and water as desired. Dogs are allowed on site on a leash at all times. There is a stream and a pond on site, so please be cautious and keep your children from wandering too close to the water. All minors under the age of 18, and their guardians, must be familiar with and abide by current Society rules pertaining to minors at events.  All modern laws will be enforced.

Site opens - 8AM
Heavies list will open at 9AM
Silver Pass Defender - 10AM
Lunch will be served at 12PM
Archery Shoot - 1PM
Lights lists will open at 2PM
Lost Souls Defender - 3PM
Site closes - 7PM

Event contact Lady Jacques nighthawke_13@yahoo.com

Directions: Make your best way to Durango, Colorado.
Head North on Highway 550 (also Camino del Rio and Main Ave.) until you reach 32nd St.
Turn right/East on 32nd and go 1.3 miles to E. Animas Rd/County Rd 250.
Turn right/East and go 0.2 miles to Florida Rd/County Rd 240.
Turn left/North and go 5.1 miles to County Rd 248/Estate Rd.
Look for SCA/Shire sign.
Turn right/East onto County Road 248 and go 0.1 miles.
Take the first left onto Northeast Circle.
Then, take the first right onto River Rd.
The entrance to the event is the second driveway on the right.