Staffordshire Hoard environmental archaeology paper available online

The Portable Antiquities Scheme blog has posted a new paper on "the potential of environmental archaeology" in regard to the Staffordshire Hoard discovered in 2009 near Staffordshire England.

"The Potential of Environmental Archaeology and Geoarchaeology at the site of the Staffordshire Hoard" by Benjamin Gearey (Birmingham Archaeo-Environmental, Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity, University of Birmingham) considers "the potential of environmental archaeology (i.e. the analysis of the sub-fossil remains of material including pollen, plant and insect remains) and geoarchaeology (i.e. the analysis of the formation processes of the soils and sediments associated with the archaeology) to provide information regarding the find-spot as well as the wider landscape of the Staffordshire Hoard."