Ansteorra to Celebrate Argent Anniversary

Their Majesties Miguel and Conal and Their Royal Highnesses Alaric Drake and Sibri of the Kingdom of Ansteorra invite the people of the Known World to celebrate Their Kingdom's Argent Anniversary July 8-11, 2004 in Canton, Texas. Unto the Known World,

Their Majesties Miguel and Conal and Their Royal Highnesses Alaric Drake and Sibri extend warm greetings and salutations.

They also wish to invite you all to our Argent Anniversary where the 50th Ansteorran reign comes to its climactic close and where Their Stellar Highnesses rise to lead Ansteorra unto greater deeds and glory.

Argent Anniversary runs from Thursday July 8th through Sunday July 11th in the city of Canton, Texas, a short drive from Dallas/Ft Worth. The event is close to airports and many hotels. The site offers plenty of camping, with water and electricity at most camping spots. All indoor activities will take place in a large, AIRCONDITIONED Hall. Merchant spaces are available both outside and inside the hall - but inside merchant spots are limited, so register early to guarantee a spot.

You may be asking yourself, "Why someone in "fill in the blank" would want to attend an event in Ansteorra in the middle of the summer?"

Because you will have an awesome, fun time, and get to meet new friends, visit old friends, find true love, and maybe even win amazing prizes. Whether you are an 18-year-old fighter or an 80-year-old bard, this is the greatest event you will ever attend! *

We will host 25th-Year championships in the following fields:

* Chivalric Combat
* Rapier Combat
* Youth Boffer and Youth Rapier
* Archery
* Equestrian
* Knife Axe and Spear
* Arts and Sciences
* Bardic
* Period-plague-avoidance techniques*
* Drunken chess**

* Any wild and/or "bigger than life" claims are not supported by the Crown or Kingdom of Ansteorra and can be attributed to folkloric legends that everything is bigger in Texas.

* *Warning drunken revelers have right of way.

Ansteorra will again have a competition to choose our new King's Champion and the foremost Middle Eastern dancer. We shall also host A&S classes, full service heraldic consultation tables, children's activities, and more merchants then ever before!

The cool evenings will bring more tournaments, feasts, reveling, bardic circles, parties, drunken Vikings, and a fireworks show to celebrate the light of our SABLE STAR.

For more information, please view our website (click above) and then if you have additional questions please don't hesitate to contact the stewards, Master Richard Fairbourne and Her Ladyship Arabella de Montacute.

We, Ansteorra, a kingdom of heroes, throw down the gauntlet and challenge the Known World! Can your heroes triumph?