Midrealm Spring 2004 Crown Tourney Pics

Mistress Iasmin de Cordoba, Baroness Roaring Wastes, shares memories - and photos - from the Middle Kingdom's May 30, 2004 Crown Tourney. Her Excellency writes:

Noble Lords and Ladies all I would have you witness in pictures the chivalry of Sir Brannos O'Irongardail, the man who so nobly bested my husband in the Middle Kingdom Crown Tournament, held this weekend in our barony of Roaring Wastes. M'Lord Maelgwn and M'Lord Asbjorn, two gentle men from within my barony were kind enough to capture the moments in pictures and have agreed to share those pictures with the Known World.

I cannot be more pleased to have witnessed the fighting: clean, honorable, and at times stunningly fast! That the last portion of the fighting for me was viewed with a front-row seat next to our Gracious Queen Madelena made it exciting and wonderful as well, but as the apprentice of Countess Rebekah, now Princess of the Dragon by the hand of the mighty Prince Brannos, my joy is doubled. I thank Maelgwn and Asbjorn for capturing that joy so beautifully.

Mistress Iasmin de Cordoba, Baroness Roaring Wastes
Proud wife of Sir Kamiizumi Munenori, Baron Roaring Wastes

Equally proud apprentice to Princess Rebekah MacTienan, Middle Kingdom

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