Second invasion of Gaul, Pennsic XL

The Centurions of Legio XIII Senex Crepitus report that the second invasion of Gaul will take place August 11, 2011 at Pennsic XL.

Friends, Romans, Brothers,
Rome is in need of your help. Last year all the Celts at Pennsic joined together in a confederation, they threaten civilization as we know it. Are we going to stand idly by and let these barbarians take over our world or are you going to join us in the second invasion of Gaul?
It is our intention, on Thursday of the second week of Pennsic to confront the Celts in their own camp. (A surprise for them we hope.)
With your help, the Might of Rome will gather together, with as many supporters as possible, (families, wives children, camp followers and slaves etc.) on Thursday evening after the Ealdormerian court, (approx 9.30pm.-10pm.) in the vicinity of the barn. We will then process down to the Celtic camp of Clanne Prochaine on their open camp night, with flags and banners waving, trumpets and drums sounding, and a goodly supply of free beer.
A challenge will then be issued for domination of the world. Ludi Romani (Roman games) will ensue. The winners taking whatever land was wagered in the challenge. Both formal and informal individual challenges will be met and the results shown upon the great map of the world.
Civilization is at stake! It is time to make a stand for Rome, are you with us?
Let us make the second invasion as successful as the first.
Please feel free to pass on the above information to any others whom you think would be interested in our party plans.
Salve brother Romans.
Legio XIII Senex Crepitus, Prodoimus (We can.)
Centurion Foote-us, Primus Pilatus
Centurion Petreus, &
Centurion Halfdan-us.