Southwark Roman Cemetery Offers Riddles - and Answers

British Archaeology: A 2-4th Century Roman Cemetery in Southwark, England gives researchers pause over burial questions. Archaeologists working on a 2-4th century cemetery near London have much to ponder. Skeletons were found with coins in hands and mouths, while a pit held carefully-placed skulls, making it apparent that not all burial customs were understood. But there were other, more tender memorials at this dig. Skeletons were found embracing, while the body of a man was found with the head of a horse between his knees. Favorite mount? Perhaps, since other remains showed a love of pets as well as family.

In all, there were 166 burials found at the site. Giles Dawkes of AOC Archaeology, led the dig which has also unearthed a great deal of pottery, glass and jewelry, including 600 beads, 100 of which were from one grave.

No doubt, the large excavation will give scientists much to work with in the coming years and possibily answer some of the riddles hidden there.