[LOC] Seven Deadly Sins Tournament

Would it not be a proud day for knight or squire if he could overthrow seven adversaries in the lists? Yet here are we in the lists of life, and there come the seven black champions against us Sir Pride, Sir
Covetousness, Sir Lust, Sir Anger, Sir Gluttony, Sir Envy, and Sir Sloth.

Let a man lay those seven low, and he shall have the prize of the day, from the hands of the fairest Virtues.

People of Locahc, join us the ninth day of July in the Crusade against the Sins as we travel from our homelands throughout Christendom, to Constantinople before launching Eastwards to Antioch and holy land beyond.

Seven Deadly Sins Tournament:

Join your fellow combatants and follow the path of a Virtue, but keep your wits and honour about you as you pit yourselves against the personifications of the seven deadly sins.


Kambah District Park,
Kambah Woolshed,
Springbett St, Kambah

Cost: Free

Date: Saturday, 9th of July, 2011


12:00 - Lists open
12:30 - Armour Inspections
1:00 - Tournament begins
4:00 - Tournament concludes

To keep Gluttony at bay, no lunch is provided, so pack a picnic (there are BBQs on site) and drinks if the temptation takes you.

Crusade Feast:
After the fighters have participated in a physical Crusade, battling for their very souls, join the Crown for a gastronomic Crusade for your pleasure.

Location: Western Creek Community Hall

Cost: $20 (+$2 event membership for non subscribing members)

Date: Saturday, 9th of July, 2011

Time: Hall opens at 6pm, Feast from 6:30 till midnight.

Bookings: Cianna Da Lucca (cianna.da.lucca@gmail.com)