[CAI] Cast Iron Chef Lyondemere

The Lyondemere Cooking Guild is happy to invite one and all to attend and participate in our 2nd Annual Cast Iron Chef Competition on Sunday, June 26, 2011. Up to four teams will compete to see whose medieval meal reigns supreme and which head chef will win the title of "Cast Iron Chef Lyondemere."

To help make the day more exciting and fun for all, this year we will be including other activities for those of you who are not cooking. We will have games in the park, including a Backgammon Tournament. Armored Combatants, and Rapier Fighters will also have opportunities to have fun and compete for the honor of being the "Defenders of the Feast." And for you foodies out there, there will be a raffle where winners will sit down and feast with the judges on delicious foods that have been prepared.

If you are interested in competing in the Cast Iron Chef competition, contact Baroness Eva filia Edeneweyn and THL Beathog nic Dhonnchaidh, cic@lyondemere.org

You can travel light with just a chair or a blanket as there are plenty of trees to shade you. You can also bring sunshades or a dragon wing (nothing over 200 sq feet). Dogs on leashes are welcome.
Schedule of the Day

    * 8 AM – Site Opens
    * 9 AM – Lists Open
    * 9:30 AM – Short announcements and Chefs receive ingredients and order of judging. First Chef begins immediately following.
    * 10:30 AM – Lists Close
    * 11 AM – Tournaments begin
    * 3 PM – Judging begins for Chefs
    * 5 PM – Winners announced at Court

Site Fees

$8 for non-members, $5 discount for SCA members ($3 site fee for SCA members). Make checks payable to SCA, Inc./Barony of Lyondemere.

Event Stewards
Baroness Eva filia Edeneweyn and THL Beathog nic Dhonnchaidh, cic@lyondemere.org

Site for Cast Iron Chef of Lyondemere
The event will be held at Heartwell Park, located at 5801 E Parkcrest St, Long Beach, CA 90808-2060

The park is actually very long and runs the length of four blocks. We are planning to be near the intersection of Carson St and Woodruff Ave. Please keep your eyes out for the SCA signs.

Take your favorite route to the 605 north or south towards Long Beach. From 605 North exit on Carson and turn left. From 605 South Exit Carson and turn right. You will be traveling west on Carson. You will pass the Long Beach Town Center and go over the San Gabriel River bed and the park will be on your left.

There is parking but it may be limited. Do yourself and the environment a favor and consider carpooling.
Scenario and Criteria

Scenario: Late 14th Century, France

It is widely understood that the Baroness has spent months visiting the Spanish Court. The time has come for her to find a husband for her niece, the lovely Élise. It is said that you can find the finest of courtiers in the region of León. So, it is there the Baroness seeks someone dark and romantic to woo Élise away from that damn sneaky Welsh fool, who teaches her to juggle, sing and tell risqué stories. If the Baroness does not hurry and find a suitable match, the young girl will be doomed to marry below her station and sit the rest of her days in cinders by the fire. She tells herself, "If nothing else, all of that nonsense with 'The Black Prince' and those two feuding brothers of Spain made for some wonderful connections to foreign Royals."

She has, at last, found a match! The third cousin to the King will make a charming husband for her niece. With a good business in shipping, and an appetite for good food, he couldn't be more perfect! The lovely Élise is a wonder in the kitchen and will be sure to delight the handsome Count.

The Baroness gives you instructions to assist her niece in creating the perfect impression for the visiting dignitary and his companions. You only have a short time and limited supplies to secure your young mistress' fortune and to save your future, as well. After all, it has been kept a quiet secret among the castle mice, but all in the household are aware that the Baroness's coffers are running very low.

    * The contest will be limited to 4 four teams. Team size will be up to 4 members with one listed as Head Chef, two assistant chefs and a scullery. The Head Chef can be the only one who can win the title of Cast Iron Chef but all four team members can win a prize. Pre-registration is required. Any team wanting to compete must email cic@lyondemere.org between May 23rd-June 6th to let me know their intent. They will need to supply the name of their team and the contact information for their team members. There must also be one member listed as Head Chef.

          o Teams may start setting up their kitchen at 8:00 am. There will be staggered start times and judging times. All teams will have 5 hours to prepare their meals.

          o We will have a brief meeting during morning Court of the team leaders at 9:30 am to draw numbers for staggered start times and to select baskets. The contents of these baskets will remain unknown until 8pm on Friday, June 24th. There will be a minimum of one secret ingredient that will not be known until the day of competition. The contents of all four baskets may not be completely the same.

          o There will be a minimum of three dishes required but no more then 5 dishes will be accepted. Each dish is to be able to serve up to 6 people.

    * Criteria judged by:

         1. Flavor, texture, appearance, aroma
         2. Running a clean, safe kitchen area
         3. Period ingredients, recipes, and cooking methods
         4. Presentation
         5. Documentation

This competition is not limited to members of the Lyondemere Cooking Guild. All active participants of the Kingdom of Caid are welcome to throw their chefs' hats into the ring. However, once all the spots are taken, the list will close.