[LOC] St Johns of Jerusalem

Come to the Canton of Cluain's premiere event for 2011. - St Johns of Jerusalem (A.S. XLVI)

Being held on the heights of Mount Pirongia, Waikato, NZ; we invite you on a pilgrimage to our lands where you will have the opportunity to Feast, Muse, Tourney, War and be entertained most heartily.

In preparation and anticipation make ready your servants, steed's, gentle companions and noble selves for...

The date: 22-24 July 2011; site opens 4pm Friday and closes 4pm Sunday

The activities: Feasting, Unit Melee - for the Relic of the Cross, Tournament - for the Golden Peacock, Target Archery, A&S competitions, Dancing, Music, and more.

Event Pricing:
Full event: (incl. 2 nights Meal Plan and Feast) - Note: Accommodation for 5 years and under is free.
Adult $85, Minor $2-54 (Meal Plan and Feast charged each at $1/year up to 17 years).

1 Night: (incl. reduced Meal Plan and Feast)
Adult $60, Minor $2-42 (Meal Plan and Feast charged each at $1/year up to 17 years, though capped for 15 years+ for the meal plan)

Day Trip: (incl. Site fee and Lunch); all comers aged 6 and over $15.

Kingdom Levy is inclusive in all pricing; non-members aged 18+ add $2 Event Levy.

***Bookings close by 17 July***

>From 1 July an additional $10 applies (excl. Day tripping)

No Refunds on Food portion once food purchased.

Payment Details Will be confirmed once booked by reply email.