Ansteorra to Host "Knight Free" Night Tourney

An unbelted-fighter tournament to benefit the Chirurgeonate and the Water Bearers' Guild will coincide with Ansteorra's 25th Anniversary party. Herr Arkell vom Cophus, Ansteorra Kingdom Chirurgeon, writes:

Guten Tag!

Are we ready? I hope so! Because if not it may be to late.

Cause it's almost here!!!! Ansteorra's XXV Party & A "Knight Free" Night Tourney

Unto all Unbelted (sorry no Knights allowed this time) Chivalric Fighters

We of the Chirurgeonate & Water-Bearers Guild of the Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra are holding our 1st Chirurgeon & Water-Bearers Champion List at our Kingdom's glorious Argent Anniversary on the evening of Thursday the 8th of July A.S. XXVIII (2004).

It is to be a torch light tourney starting at 9pm. Rules are as follows:

  1. Unbelted (no Knights)
  2. Single elimination
  3. Shield + any weapon other than swords (no swords)
  4. Fighters must be sponsored by a chirurgeon or water-bearer & have a favor from that chirurgeon or water-bearer.
  5. The sponsoring chirurgeon or water-bearer must pay an entry fee for the fighter in the form of one item of largess to the list mistress.
  6. One fighter per chirurgeon or water-bearer (and no you can not sponsor two fighters if you are both a chirurgeon & water-bearer).
  7. Sponsoring chirurgeon or water-bearer need not be present for their fighter to enter. the chirurgeon or water-bearer just needs to send a letter of sponsorship along with the favor & entry fee to the event.

So fighters, start looking for a sponsor, and chirurgeons & water-bearers start looking for a fighter to sponsor!! And lets have a good time!

Are you are a warranted chirurgeon or waterbearer? Then we NEED YOU!!

We have need of you to volunteer for shifts at the event. You can go to [the web URL linked above] and at the bottom click on Chirurgeon Schedule and then click on any shift that says open and you have now volunteered yourself. For waterbearing email our KWB, Lady Genevieve del Gamba at . With the large amount of martial arts and the number of people expected to attend (and in July in Ansteorra), we need all the help we can get.

Even one shift or battle/list makes a difference. So volunteer!

Also needed are 2 liter soda bottles, gatorade, oranges, & pickles. Whatever you can donate will be most welcome!

In Service always, to the
Chirurgeonate, Kingdom, & the Dream,

Herr Arkell vom Cophus
Kingdom Chirurgeon
Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra

Republished at the request of the author