[ATE] Middle East Feast

Our shared dream is one that is fueled by a fondness for courtesies and ideals of times gone by, of simple pastimes and joys. In that spirit, we will journey back together, to a time when drumming, dancing, eating, gaming, and visiting were done for the pure joy of it.

Back to a time when a Middle Eastern Feast was an event set aside to be a social event, full of many of the gentler pleasures of this wonderful Society. Come: drum with your old friends and new acquaintances; dance to the beat; delight in the spectacle of colors and movement. Spend some time bargaining and bartering with people from near and far; take a stroll and examine the abundant wares of merchants from this amazing group.

Join us as we travel back to simpler times, at Middle East Feast on September 3, 2011. This marvelous event will take place at the Phoenix Airport Hilton, 2435 South 47th Street, Phoenix, Arizona. Site opens at 2 pm and closes at midnight.  Our feast will be prepared by the hotel chef, and will be available through pre-sale only.  Feast reservations are limited, and may be purchased online through ACCEPS.  This site is wet, but all food and beverages consumed on site must be purchased from the facility. Water, iced tea, and lemonade will be provided throughout the day. Turkish coffee will also be provided, with a small donation requested to help with the expense of the beverage.  Smoking is allowed outside in designated areas only.  Only documented service animals are allowed on site.

The feast will be traditional Middle East Feast fare, including hummus and pita, chicken kabobs, couscous, baklava, and other favorites. Feast will be served buffet style; please remember to bring your feast gear!

To enhance the ambiance of the event, please bring your rugs, your cushions, and your decorations.  We would request that no large furniture be brought on site, as the smaller hall will not be able to accommodate bulky pieces well. No coolers should be brought on site.

Reduced room rates can be obtained from the hotel by calling 480-894-1600. Reservations made by August 12th will have a room rate of $69 for a standard room. Reservations made after August 12th cannot be guaranteed the reduced rate.

Site fees:
Adult Member: $15
Youth (5-17): $10
Adult Feast: $15
Youth Feast: $10
Non-member surcharge will apply.

Event Stewards: Baroness Elizabeth AEthelwulf email: lizzard74@yahoo.com; M'Lady Brigh inghean Cathasaigh email: tarabrietta@cox.net; Lord Alystyr Stewart email: joshjamesonazsem@gmail.com