[LOC] Rowany Baronial Succession & Soiree

The Canton of Stowe-on-the-Wowld invites the Peers and Gentles of Lochac to witness and celebrate the Rowany Baronial Succession & Soiree with a feast and entertainment to take place at Petersham Town Hall 107 Crystal Street, Petersham on 16th July AS XLVI from 5:30 p.m.

The power, the pageantry, the food and… the entertainment.

Stowe’s entertainment event, Soiree, will be part of the proceedings. Those who wish to perform – a song, a musical piece, a tale or some other short piece can exhibit their talents before the assembled populace. There will be prizes in a number of categories, so start practicing!

The celebration continues the next day with both a Heraldic Tourney and a Rapier tourney – location TBA

Booked before 8th July – whole event $30 (members)/$32 (non-members)
-       Feast only $25/$27
-       Tourney & lunch only $5/$7
After 8th July                           

-   Whole event $35/$37
-   Feast only $30/$32
-   Tourney & lunch only $5/$7
Bookings and enquiries: rowanysuccession@gmail.com

Steward: Lady Elysant de Montrose
Booking Officer: Lady Tatya Yaroslavna  - electronic banking details provided on booking.