Israeli Shire Becomes Incipient

The Incipient Shire of Beit Aryeh in Israel has been officially formed in the Kingdom of Drachenwald, according to New Groups Coordinator Barcsi Janos. For the past several months, SCA members throughout the Known World wave watched with interest the formation of a new SCA group in Jerusalem. Now Barcsi Janos, New Groups Coordinator for the Kingdom of Drachenwald, has announced that the group has achieved incipient status. The Incipient Shire of Beit Aryeh, the first in the Nation of Israel, will be led by Acting Seneschal Lord Yehoshua ben Haym haYerushalmi.

Vivat and Mazel Tov!

Wonderful news!

Having been the Seneschal of a new group (Marche of Alderford, Canton Ohio) from its founding until just after it became full status, I can very much understand how thrilling this news is to the members of the new shire.

I offer my heartfelt congratulations, and best wishes on your continued success!

Kind regards,


Congrats to Beit Aryeha

Congrats to Beit Aryeha, though some of the preliminary comments posted on SCA-Judaica by Prime Mover Zach (Joshuah of the Silent H) lead me to fear this group may be split heavilly unless founders are remembered of the Brick Wall between the Society and organized religion of any kind.

My dear friend Zach has already stated that the new shire will bar SCA "rituals" like kissubg games in order to comfort the *small* percentage of might-be members who observe a post-period (I believe by about 100 years) pattern of behavior leaving very Orthodox women and members of women from offshoot groups like the Chassidim one step less unwilling to be seen near men than those forced to wear the Chadoor by a minority school of al-Islam.

While I would NEVER force anyone into behavior *they* personally objectionable for any reasons, I would not see policies placed oriented favoring a minority of religious practitioners.

Ld. Aleksandr called 'the traveller'

Posted by Milica for Lord Aleksandr

Re: Congrats to Beit Aryeha

I'm sorry to hear of disagreements among the populace, but I will offer these words of encouragement.

I've worked with new groups for ten years now, at local, regional, and kingdom levels, and I have found that contention of some sort is a normal part of the growth process for any new group. This is one of the reasons why we have a period of incipiency, rather than just fully chartering a new group right from the start. Groups need time to find their own path, for the SCA rules are generally very broad with regard to how members interact with one another. Over time, compromises evolve into group traditions that help guide the group through problem areas in the future.

I hope that all factions in the group will remember to treat one another with respect, and to look for common ground upon which to compromise. May Beit Aryeha enjoy as much success and companionable friendship as Alderford (the local group I helped to found) has in these past years.


Re: Congrats to Beit Aryeh


Yes Beit Aryeh is not your average shire in the SCA, some of that is simply due to the fact that we are in a different country and therefore need to do some things differently. It should be noted that more than half of the active members of this shire are religous Jews, including 4 of the 5 officers. This is not something that can be ignored. The SCA's wall between religion and the SCA was ment to be inclusive not exclusive. Yes the food we serve here is going to be Kosher, why because if its not then 9 members of our shire can't eat it. Yes kissing games are not going to be popular here as many of our members of both genders will not be able to participate.

As to whether the restrictions on personal contact are period or not is irrelivant. People live by this in their day to day lives. Aleksandr, we are not trying to fit organized religion into the SCA like you suggest, we are trying to fit the SCA into our lives as religous Jews.

Also I would hardly call kissing games a key part of SCA ritual.

The fact is, you seem to be the only one to have an issue with our choice to uphold our everyday beliefs with our SCA persona. The irreligious members of our community have thus far said nothing about the lack of kissing games and bed-hopping we've had at our events.

Yehoshua ben Haym Senischal Beit Aryeh