Kitchen Bardic Party II CDs released

Dame TSivia and Fursto de Robnye report that the Kitchen Bardic Party II CD has been released.

Fursto de Robnye writes:

After a long time of dedication and effort, the BKP2 - The Sing-a-longs CD is ready! This collection of 21 songs has the incredible voices of bards from Ealdormere, AEthelmarc, Midrealm, Northshield & Calontir. Over 30 adults and kids attended this marathon of over 12 hours of singing and poetry.

CD's were mailed out May 25, 2011 to participants who left address' with Mistress Marian who also has plans to put the additional 64 songs online.

There is also 9 hrs of video recorded. This is still being edited, but hopefully will be ready soon for the performer's reviews.

Heaps of thanks go to:

Lord Nuno of Marchmount for the audio recording, Lord Francois van Heerden for the video recording and editing, Lord Guilliame for keeping track of the songs and singers and for help in the kitchen, Master Hector, Mistress TSivia for publicity and promotion, Mistress Marion of Heatherdale for obtaining original artists' permission, mastering the original tracks, producing the first batch of CD's, mailing
them out, and future work of getting the additional music online. And most of all - thank you to those who came from near and far to sing and enjoy - your friendship and company made this a most memorable ocassion!

I remain yours in service,
Fursto de Robnyer

Dame TSivia bas Tamara v'Amberview adds:

I'm sending this to a few folks and lists: PLEASE continue to send this around to whoever is interested in purchasing copies.  My protege Fursto hosted our 2nd Bardic Kitchen Party last Easter (about a year ago, not a few weeks ago) and finally, the audio is ready to go out (thanks to Mistress Marian for her editing skills)! Video should also be ready soon, as my brother in law Lord Francois, is madly editing and looking to confirm the names of pieces performed and the performers.

It was the MOST amazing collection of folks including (but entirely NOT limited to!!!)

  • Master Michael Aelwright

  • Master Cerian Cantwyr

  • THL Dahrien Cordell

  • Master Hector of the Black Height

  • Mistress Marian of Heatherdale

  • Dame TSivia bas Tamara v'Amberview

and the MOST fantastic collection of singers, songwriters, and musicians you can imagine, as well as nearly 40 adults, representing four or five different kingdoms. We started to sing just after noon and finished recording around 9 pm (with a 45 min break for dinner...). THEN we started to sing non-SCA songs...and went till around midnight!

So if you are interested, please contact Fursto (info below). I most definitely expect some of the video will be landing on 'Shava's pages, since all participants were warned in advance that this WAS the reason we were video'ing things. (After all...Hector doing RISE? Ya mon!!!)

Pleased as punch..