[NOR] Rose Tournament

Come, Cheer for your favorite Lady of the Rose as their chosen champions compete in a series of tournaments dedicated in their Honour.

Competitions include both Belted and Unbelted tournaments, Rapier tournaments, a combination tournament, and an Arts and Sciences competition.

There will also be a Grand feast followed by a Dance, and a place set aside both nights for bardic circle.

Site opens at 2 pm on Friday and closes at 2 pm on Sunday.

Site fees are $14 / adult and $7 / 5-15 years olds Children under 5 are free at the gate, $10 / Adult and $5 / 5-15year olds if pre registering
There will be a $10/tent camping fee and a $50/family maximum.
The $5 non-member surcharge must be collected as well.

Feast will be $12 per person if paid when pre-registering or $14 if paid at troll.
Feast will be limited to 150 people

Pre-registrations are due by Friday, June 3
Checks should be made out SCA- Shire of Shattered Oak, and may be sent to the Autocrat

Merchants will be subject to a $10 merchant fee in addition to gate and tent fees

Site is Handicap Accessible and wet

For more information, please see the event page.

Dauyd Straquhyn
Feast Steward
Abraam Samuel ben Jucef

Tournament Details
The tournament will consist of 2 parts:

Part 1:
 The teams will be divided into 2 pools, and each team will meet with every other team in their pool (Round Robin format). The matchups will be done in a “called fighter” style, with one Rose calling out a member of their team, and what weapon style they will use. The opposing Rose will then call forth a fighter to meet them, and in what weapon style.

Weapon styles cannot be repeated within a matchup until all styles have been used.  If Sir Joe fought the first bout with Sword and Shield, then Sword and Shield cannot be used again until all other forms have been used. With 5 Armoured fighters on each team, that means that the last fighter on each team will have all forms available again.

Allowed weapon styles for Armoured combatants will be:

    * Sword & Board -
    * Sword and buckler
    * Two stick (Florentine)
    * Pole arm
    * Great Sword/Bastard Sword

Rapier combatants can choose from all 5 forms.
The called fighters will then meet and fight to 3 counted blows. There will be no pause or resetting between blows, and the winner of the bout will be the one who lands three legal blows first.

Double kills will count against you, but not for you. If you are tied at 2 blows apiece and double kill, the bout is over as you have been hit three times- but you will only score 2 points.

At the end of the bout, the final score will be added to the team score, and the process starts over with the Rose calling the first fighter alternating each time until all 7 fighters have fought.

All points are cumulative, with the winning teams being determined by total points. With 7 fighters on each team, there are a total of 21 possible points per matchup, and if there are pools of 5 teams, then each team will have 4 matchups for a total possible score of 84 points.

The 2 highest scoring teams from each pool will go on to the second part of the tournament.

Part 2:
The 4 teams remaining will fight a Double Elimination tournament, with each match in that tournament following the process used in the first half. Scores are only kept to the end of each matchup to determine the winner.

The tournament final will be in the same called fighter, no repeating styles format, but each bout will be to 5 counted blows (35 possible points).