Heralds' Point at Pennsic wants YOU!

Pennsic 40 is extra large and therefore closer than it appears ... start planning now!

We're expecting a whole lot of submitters this year, and that means we need a whole lot of heralds, artists, marker-wielders, onomasts, exchequers, armorists, greeters, paper pushers, waiting-submitter-entertainers ... and that means you! We need experienced heralds and non-experienced heralds and non-heralds all, so please consider giving us a few hours of your time.

We'll be open for the same hours as last year: 1-5pm Wednesday and Thursday the first week, 11am-5pm Friday to Friday (Monday is special - Road show in the morning, then 2-8pm). We're happy to have folks volunteering just a few hours, just a couple days, or even most of the days.  (Just not -every- day. Enjoy some Pennsic, too.)

Perks for volunteering include:

  • freezy pops from the kind folks with Morale!
  • picking the brains of some of the best heralds in the SCA
  • daily ice cream, courtesy of Laurel Queen of Arms
  • making submitters happy
  • not having to do it all yourself (just want to do names? ok! just want to do armory? ok! just want to color? ok!)
  • being in the shade during the hot parts of the day
  • nice cold ice water in the afternoon (thanks to the Morale team)
  • hot tea or coffee in the morning (thanks to the folks who bring coffee/tea makers)
  • did we mention the opportunity to cram your head full of heraldic knowledge?

.... but wait, there's more!  We'll be hosting three special events this year:

The Known World Heralds Party will be Sunday, August 7th from 8pm to 10pm (or whenever people wind down).  There will be snacks and heralds - what more could you want?

The Laurel Road Show will be Monday, August 8th from 9am to Noon. Come see hot, live, heraldic decisions being made!

The Heraldic Rules Roundtable will be Wednesday, August 10th from 9am to 11am.  Come listen to me natter on about the impending changes to the Rules for Submission*.  Feedback and opinions welcome, no heraldic experience needful. There will be a second Roundtable on this topic over in the A&S Tents for those who find mornings abhorrent.

Please, come volunteer at Heralds Point this year!  We told Morale that we'll need more freezy pops this year - they get mad if we're wrong, so please help!

Also, please do pass this on to other lists, especially heraldry and exchequery lists.

Heralds Point Coordinator

* Yes, there will be a draft on OSCAR by then or I will EAT A HAT.