[WES] Knights Errant in Vakkerfjell

Knights Errant in Vakkerfjell Saturday, June 4 · 11:00am - 8:30pm

Marysville/Yuba City Ca
7353 Doc Adams Rd
Marysville, California

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Bring your swim suits and appetite! After a fun afternoon of beating and learning, we will hit the pool to cool off! In addition I have been promised a great BBQ to keep us from starving- Woot!

7353 Doc Adams Rd; Marysville

From Sac:
Get to Marysville. Follow signs for Hwy 70 (north) through Marysville towards Chico.
After leaving city limits you will cross a bridge. Just after the bridge take a left (westbound) onto LAURELLEN RD (there is no right).

From Chico:
Take Hwy 70 (south). Just before entering Marysville, LAURELLEN RD will be on the right (if you see a bridge followed by a cemetary on your left you've gone too far), and the only option is to turn right (west) on Laurellen.

Laurellen is a perfectly straight road that you can see to the end of. (Orchards are on the right) Half way up Laurellen is DOC ADAMS RD. (There is a street sign but it may be covered with foliage) Take a left (your only option is a left) on Doc Adams. 7353 will be about half way down DOC ADAMS on the left, (look for a house with a bay window).