[LOC] Tocal Token Tourney 2011

Tocal Token Tourney will take place on the weekend of July 9 & 10, 2011. This year the event will be Norse themed, come a-Viking.

~~~~~~~ Time Table ~~~~~~

Saturday afternoon - Site opens at 12. List opens at 1:00, tourney will begin at 2:00. Fighters, please bring 12 tokens and a list shield for the Token Tourney. The list shield will be placed on the list table with your tokens. When victorious, you will receive a token from your opponent. Previous list mistresses have requested tokens that are not easily blown away. A light afternoon tea will be served.

Saturday night - Join us for nattmal {night meal} of warming Norse foods and games. After all is done, curl up in one of the single rooms available for hire, also in the building adjoining the hall and list field.

Sunday morning - A hot breakfast will be served before the site closes at 10 a.m.

~~~~~~~ Tocal Token Tourney ~~~~~~

There is a requirement that all combatant's on the day bring a list shield and twelve tokens

The tournament will be a series of 12 Grand Melee's.
As combatants are defeated they will leave the list field, reporting to the list officer the name of the combatant who has just bested them. The list keeper will then take a token from the defeated combatant and transfer it to the victor's list shield.
This tournament is an open weapons format.
Wounds carry through the round of the melee only.
The victor of the day will be the combatant who has the most tokens from other combatants.

~~~~~~~ A&S Competitions ~~~~~~

~~1~~ Heraldic Display

Enter any items you have created to add to your heraldic display. Items could include banners, heraldic clothing, shields, heraldic armor, a list shield *cough* hint* cough* or anything else you can provide documentation for as a heraldic display.

~~2~~ Something Norse and New

AKA. 'Something, something Dark Ages'

Enter any item that was created recently, in a Norse or Dark Ages style. This is a very open competition, designed to encouraged anyone to enter anything. Come over to the dark side.

Documentation form and judging criteria will be published closer to the date.

~~~~~ Prices ~~~~~

Adult Member $40 whole event (accommodation can be booked separately, at a cost of $30 for a single bed room).

Adult Non-member $42 whole event

Day rate (Saturday afternoon tea and tourney) $10

Child (5 years to 12 years of age) $20 whole event

Child (0 to 4 years of age) free

The price will increase by $5 on June 27. The 27th of June will also be the final date for bookings with special dietary needs.

~~~~~~~ Bookings ~~~~~~~

Please send all bookings to heilwich.gheerts@gmail.com

We would prefer payment with bookings. Cheque and online banking information will be available, on booking. Please contact the stewards for family rates and hardship cases.

Final bookings will be taken one week before the event, at Mid-Winter Coronation. This will be a suitable time to take possible bookings from way-farers (as both the stewards will be attending). The date for final bookings is Sunday July 3rd.

The price at the door will be $60 for adult members for the whole event and $20 for the day rate. All accommodation must be booked in advance.

~~~~~~~ Address ~~~~~~~

Tocal Agricultural College, Paterson, NSW, 40 minutes North of Newcastle. Directions from the Maitland round about can be found here

A view of the grounds can be found on the tocal website http://www.tocal.com/homestead/admin/campus.gif
The troll tent will be located at reception. The tournament will be held near EA Hunt Hall and the feast will be held with in the hall itself.


Heilwich Gheerts Heilwich.gheerts@gmail.com

Orric Andrew_l_price@yahoo.com.au