Medieval artifacts resource page

Professional archaeologists and college professors Michael and Neathery Fuller have created a website, The Virtual Museum of Medieval Archaeology, to post their collection of photographs of medieval artifacts from many museums, sites and time periods.

Latest links include:

  • Norman and Anglo-Saxon artifacts from the St. Augustine Abbey in Canterbury, England.
  • Coptic and Late Roman artifacts in the Manchester Museum, England.
  • Roman artifacts in the Roman Canterbury Museum, England.
  • Islamic textiles in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.
  • Anglo-Saxon artifacts beads and glass artifacts on display in the Maidstone Museum, England.
  • Islamic Pottery and a few Anglo-Saxon artifacts in Durham, England.
  • Norman and Anglo-Saxon artifacts in the Museum of London, England.
  • Barley Hall in York, England.
  • Norman and Anglo-Saxon artifacts in the Museum of London, England.
  • Jorvik Viking Center in York, England.
  • Norman and Viking artifacts in the Yorkshhire Museum of York, England.
  • Three Lewis Chessmen in the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Roman artifacts and features at the site of Arbeia in Newcastle, England.
  • Anglo-Saxon artifacts and features at the site of Bede's World in Jarrow, England.
  • Artifacts and features at the Tynemouth Castle, England.
  • Roman artifacts and features along Hadrian's Wall, England.
  • Glastonbury, England.
  • Roman and Norman artifacts from Winchester, England.
  • Tutor artifacts from the Mary Rose Museum at Portsmouth, England.
  • Medieval Islamic pottery in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England.
  • Roman Museum in Bath, England.
  • Roman and Early Medieval artifacts in the French National Archaeological Museum in Paris, France.
  • Roman and Anglo Saxon artifacts in various museums, England.