"I Knit Guernsey" competition

Visit Guernsey and I Knit London have joined forces to sponsor  a competition to revive the tradition of unique knitted sweater patterns on the Island of Guernsey. The deadline for entry is July 4, 2011.

Gillian Lenfestey, costume curator for the National Trust Guernsey Folk & Costume Museum advised on the project: “Originally, each Guernsey family had is own distinctive pattern variation which would also indicate which parish they were from. The designs were passed down through the generations orally,” Gillian explains. During the German occupation of the Second World War the community on Guernsey suffered huge upheaval, and even once the younger generation of evacuees returned, many local traditions – such as the local Guernsey-French patois language and the family knitting patterns – were affected: “The guernsey pattern was saved and written down by the Federation of Guernsey Women’s institutes in 1945.”

The winning pattern will be published in a "leading UK knitting magazine."