[GLE] Aphar Faire

Shire Lagerdamm wishes to extend to our friends and family from near and far an invitation to join us at this year's Aphar Faire, to be hosted at Camp Formosa on the weekend of August 12 - 14, 2011.

In late August, we celebrate the beginning of the Corn Moon. This moon phase is also known as the Barley Moon, and carries on the association of grain and rebirth. Harness some of the Corn Moon's fiery energy. This energy is believed to support regeneration, the birth of new dreams and goals, and the rebirthing of lost visions. It is a night of magic and beauty. This is a good time to focus on your spiritual and physical health. It's the time to harvest what you can now to put aside for later use. Come celebrate with us a time to empower and nurture ourselves, to meditate and reflect, to release toxic behaviors, build community and celebrate life together, a time to share with old and new friends. When done, be aware of the August night as the moon casts a mellow glow over a land of plenty. Listen to the katydid scratching in the darkness, smell the ripeness of summer's end, and silently thank the ancient ones who gave us corn, the symbol of life itself.

This site is 100% dry, so we ask our dear friends to please refrain from partaking of libations throughout the course of the event.

Prices are as follows:
*Weekend w/feast*
Adult:  $22
Child (under 12):  $11

*Daytrip w/feast*
Adult:  $17
Child (under 12):  $8

Non-members must add a surcharge of $5.  Pre-register for an early bird discount of $3 until 7/1/11!  For those not wanting to stay for feast, subtract $5 from your price.

Any and all questions concerning the event should be directed to our fabulous autocrat, Bantiarna Aine ingen in Gobhann at the following email: aine.gobhann @ gmail.com

If you have allergy concerns in regards to feast, please direct your inquiries to our feastocrat, the wonderful Arianna Stefana d'Ovest at her email:  stephehawk @ yahoo.com

Would you like to teach a class?  Contact our class coordinator, Frederick Alton, at his email:  freddiezeiler @ gmail.com

Rapier activities will be coordinated by Lord Binn of SGB while the heavy fighting will be organized by Sir Wernherus of our own Lagerdamm. Keep an eye out, as more information about the various activities to be featured at Aphar Faire will be released as they become known!