Want the severed head of a medieval saint? Act now while supplies last!

The (alleged) severed head of St. Vitalis of Assisi, a 14th century Italian monk, is being put up for auction in Ireland. The relic has been owned by a prominent Irish family since the 18th century.

Curiously, the skull was lost by the family for some time and only recently rediscovered. The auctioneer has said that while he can't prove it's the head of a saint, "It's certainly ancient, and it's certainly the head of somebody."

St. Vitalis of Assisi is the patron saint of venereal diseases. [photo]

Auction update

Well, the auction is over and the head of St Vitalis of Assisi brought €3,500 from an unnamed bidder from Los Angeles. You can read about the auction and see a photo of the artifact at http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/provenance-uncertain-but-...


The patron saint of VD?

That is just so wrong on so many levels.