Decadent Publishing discounting SCA-related novel in honor of Midrealm Crown Tournament

Decadent Publishing, which publishes the fictional SCA romance novel Tender is the Knight, is offering discounts on ebook and trade paperback editions of the novel from now through Memorial Day 2011 in honor of Midrealm Spring Crown Tournament, taking place at the Drawbridge Hotel in Erlanger, KY.

The plot of Tender is the Knight actually features a fictional version of this annual event (the swashbuckling story is a version of "The Dream"), and the fictional Midrealm Crown Tournament in the book also takes place at the Drawbridge Hotel.  Read the book, attend the event, and see how much art imitates life! (and vice versa.)

This discount is only from May 26-31, and ends the day after Memorial Day. The book is authored by Jamaica Layne, who is known in the Society as Lady Mariza de la Courete.