Dom Duarte Goncalves de Montel newest member of the Dragon's Steel in Drachenwald

At His Majesty Vitus Polonius' court held at Tretower Court in the Welsh marches on Saturday, Dom Duarte Goncalves de Montel, currently the kingdom marshal of fence, was invited to become a member of the Order of the Dragon's steel.

The Dragon's steel is Drachenwald's highest honour for those practitioners of the art of defense, and is an honour rarely given.

Several witnesses spoke on behalf of Master Duarte:

  • His Highness Prince Cernac spoke as a fellow member of the order
  • Master Robert of Canterbury, who picked up a blade because of Duarte's encouragement
  • Mistress Mary ferch Thomas, for whom Duarte has fought in the lists at Coronet tourney, and long worked together on events in Mynydd Gwyn
  • Don Domin d'Alcace of the Outlands read words from his brother defender of the White Scarf, Don Caleb Adolphus of Lochac. Don Caleb lived and trained in Insulae Draconis, and together he and Duarte practiced cut and thrust skills. Don Domin added his own words of confirmation and congratulation.
  • HLady Ysabella-Maria brought the words of HLord Antonio di Rienzo, of the order of the Dragon's Steel

With these many statements of confirmation of prowess in the art of defense and of cut and thrust; for his service in furthering the study of these skills with events, training and support; for his courtesy, and gentleness of conduct, His Majesty was pleased to make Duarte a member of the Order.

The braid of kingdom colours provided, to be worn on the sleeve, was a new one prepared for him by Lord Christian 'Kit' Trenchard of Deptford.

Dom Duarte was welcomed into order by His Highness Cernac, and greeted warmly by Don Domin, and by the populace.

This event took place in the beautiful setting of a 15th century fortified house, 30 miles north of Newport, deep in the Brecon Beacon hills. After court, 45 people sat to a midafternoon feast cooked in the site's medieval kitchen, with the hall furnished to the finest standard of 15th century comfort and detail.

For Dom Duarte, vivat, vivat, VIVAT!