[NOR] ARRG X: Bribe The Judges

Come one, come all and join us for a weekend of fun and fencing! Come partake in tourneys, melees, pickups and maybe a drink or two.

See if you can bribe the judges in our first ever official ARRG Idol. Fighting themes are to be determined by judges (be them royal, or otherwise). Maybe you can fight like Capo Ferro, or maybe you can fight like one of our own Dons, or Doñas, or maybe you can emulate fighting styles of other kingdoms...

Scharenberg's White Lake Beach
N4785 19th Ave
Montello WI 53949

Planned Activities: Rapier Combat

Hosted on the estates of Don Michael St. Christian at White Lake Resort where peacocks are a common site and there's never a dull moment.

Site Fee: $5 (Children 12and under are free. Please add $5 if an adult non-member.)

Room/Cabin Rental: $20 per person per night.

Reservation deadline is May 1, 2011. Room/Cabin space is limited. Reservations should be sent to Don Michael St. Christian (PJ Schultz) at the Resort address. Site reservation checks should be made out to SCA– Barony of Jaravellir. Room reservation checks should be made out to Scharenberg’s White Lake Resort.

There is a restaurant and a bar on site.  The site is not handicapped accessible.  The site is discretely wet.

There will not be any planned children's activities.

There may be very limited Merchant Space. Contact Event Steward for more details.

Event Steward: Lord Tomas Ordoñes sbthrashmetal@gmail.com608.516.5409
Co-autocrat: Lord Robert Talbot jflatt@gmail.com 920.410.7528
Troll: Don Michael St. Christian Whitelake@hughes.net608.297.2278
MiC: Lady Leona Talbot fencingkitty@gmail.com