[EAS] Middleground III

All are invited to Middleground III, to be held once again in beautiful western Lyndhaven, this year at the Southern Carleton Elementary School.

There will be classes, merchants, heavy combat, rapier, dancing, and a dayboard!

The event opens at 10 am Atlantic Time on Saturday May 21st, and closes at 5 pm on the same day.

The heavy fighting will take place on the soccer field behind the school, and fencing will take place on the uphill side lawn of the school.  After dropping off equipment, please park your vehicles in the parking lot at the front of the school.  Please sign in at the gate (main entrance of the school) before dropping off equipment.

The site has several restrictions which attendees need to respect:
* absolutely no alcohol is allowed at the school
* smoking must be done off the school property (i.e.  at the roadside)
* no real, sharp weapons are allowed at the school, so please leave your axes, daggers, and swords at home (fencing and heavy weapons are allowed)

Any and all questions may be directed to the autocrat.

Site Opens: 10 am Saturday
Site Closes: 5 pm Saturday

Event Website: www.lyndhaven.org
Event Location   
Southern Carleton Elementary School
282 Route 555
Bedell, NB  E7M 4P1

From the North and East:
On the Trans-Canada Highway, take exit 188 for NB-555.  Turn left to head westbound on NB-555.  The Southern Carleton Elementary School is on the right hand side, #282.

From the South and West (U.S.):
* Make your way up the I-95 and cross at Houlton
* You are now on the NB-95 eastbound highway
* Take the exit onto NB-540 southbound (Richmond Corner)
* Turn right at the end of the ramp to head southbound
* Take the first left onto NB-555 Eastbound
* the school will be on the left hand side, at #282

Event Fees   
Site : There is no reservation deadline for this event.

Adult (18+) $15
Youth (11-17) $8
Child (10 and younger) $4

Make cheques payable to "SCA Shire of Lyndhaven".  No U.S.  cheques or cash are accepted.  A money-changer will be on hand for those with U.S.  cash.

There will be a $5 non-member surcharge (NMS) for those who do not show proof of SCA membership at the gate.

All dollar amounts are in Canadian funds.

Feast: There is no feast at this event.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Shire of Lyndhaven
Contact Information   
Event Steward: Mariota of Kildare
S.C.A.  Name:  Mariota of Kildare

Other Contact Information:
Room reservations may be sent to
S.C.A.  Name:  Mistress Tanniscent Rhiannon
Email Address:  swharper@rogers.com